Healing Audio

The following EFT audio is the second best thing to working live with an EFT practitioner. The languaging goes beyond the simple EFT basics, and additional techniques and processes are used. The files are not overly produced and include no additional music.

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the basic EFT points prior to listening to the audio.

EFT for Insomnia - MP3 - $10.99
Having trouble sleeping?
Insomnia is often the by-product of a mind that won't settle down at bedtime. This EFT audio includes some special processes to help calm the mind and ease the worry that may be keeping you up at night.

EFT to End Procrastination - MP3 - $10.99
Remove the resistance you have to getting it done!
Procrastination is a common problem that affects almost everyone from time to time. Use this powerful EFT process to clear yourself of any "stuckness" you have over starting or finishing something. Special wording provided. A brief visualization and breathing exercise is included at the end. Approx. 20 minutes; 15 MB download.

EFT for Clutter Clearing - MP3 - $10.99
For any and all pack rats
Are you drowning in clutter? Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting through it all? Would you like to change your habits so you no longer cling to old stuff? This audio is for you. This EFT clearing includes a special special EFR (Emotional Freedom Reiki) process at the end, with an energy healing tip on what to do when you are confronted with cleaning up that old pile of junk. Approx. 20 minutes; 15 MB download.

EFT to Clear Cold and Flu - MP3 - $10.99
Coming down with a cold? Try EFT
If you think you are coming down with a cold or flu, use this special EFT audio to help you boost your immune system. The audio deals directly with the cold and also releases any unconscious emotional gunk that may be contributing to the cold. Special tapping spots included, along with some EFR (Emotional Freedom Reiki).

EFT to Make Enough Money - MP3 - $10.99
"I can't seem to make enough money!"
When you get right down to it, your money problems all come from one source: Not enough income. If you feel you aren't earning to your potential, and it's stressing you out, then try this audio. This EFT audio works to clear out the frustration, overwhelm, and hopeless feelings to empower you to go out and increase your income. Includes a brief guided visualization at the end, and utilizes some concepts from EFH (Emotional Freedom & Healing). Approx. 20 minutes; 15 MB download.

EFT to Clear Relationship Fears - MP3 - $10.99
A powerful process to help manifest love for those looking for love
A special EFT process to clear out fears and blocks towards having a relationship. Excellent for those looking for a new relationship, and also useful for people in a relationship but feeling insecure. Expanded wording and special EFR (Emotional Freedom Reiki) process included at the end. Approx. 20 minutes; 15 MB download.

EFT for Commitmentphobia - MP3 - $10.99
Removing fears to intimacy
This EFT session works to clear out blocks to relationship commitment. It works on removing fears to intimacy. Includes instructions on how to handle additional emotions and past memories that may come up during the process.. Approx. 20 minutes; 16 MB download.

Become an Early Morning Riser - MP3 - $10.99
Get up in the morning!
For those who struggle to get out of bed early and end up rushing each morning only to be late. This audio helps to clear resistance to getting up early (and by correlation, going to bed early). Approx. 20 minutes; 14 MB download.

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Feel Good About Yourself

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Relaxation 'Power Naps'
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Weight Management

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The Hypnotic Diet
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