The Bad Habit Liberator E-Book

Overcome self-destructive behaviors...from smoking to procrastinating. This e-book is presented by Bob Bro. In this special step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to...

1) Defeat Daily Temptations

It's easier to promote a healthy new habit than to get rid of the old one that’s causing all the misery. Trying too hard to break a habit is usually a recipe for failure. As long as you’re focused on the old habit, you’re like a soldier fighting with one hand tied behind his back.

2) Prepare for a Lasting Lifestyle Change

You’ll learn how to replace your bad habits with healthy new habits. Focusing on your new lifestyle is like freeing the hand tied behind your back—suddenly you have power to bring about the change you desire.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

* The six stages in the process of breaking bad habits

* How to replace bad habits with a healthy new lifestyle

* How millions of people have succeeded in breaking a bad habit

* Why you must free yourself by taking responsibility for your own program

* Why successful preparation for change means that you set goals for yourself

* Why change is not an event, but a process

* Why most successful self-changers fail at least once before they succeed

* Why willpower alone isn’t enough

* Why quitting a habit cold turkey usually doesn’t work

* Why a commitment to a more active lifestyle is key to breaking a bad habit

* And a lot more!

You will received one 55-page e-book in PDF format.

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