WebMD Was Paid Big Bucks to Promote Obamacare - Who Else Pays Them?

  • Posted on: 14 November 2013
  • By: stephanie

I'll never forget one of the first experiences I had with WebMD. It was still early on in the website's history, and I had stumbled across an article that mentioned various types of exercise. In this article, the author had described "spinning" as some form of dance, similar to what the "Whirling Dervishes" do! I was shocked that a website claiming to have accurate medical information couldn't even get a basic exercise class found at most gyms correct. ("Spinning" involves sitting on a stationary bicycle...spinning the wheels, get it?)

It is therefore not surprising to me that WebMD has thrown all objectivity out the window by accepting money from the federal government to write articles promoting Obamacare.

The prices the taxpayers have paid for these service are outrageously high, and include $126,826 for a 5,000-word article, and "more than $140,000 for an eight-question online quiz."

This begs the question: Who else is paying WebMD to write propaganda for them? The most obvious culprit would be Big Pharma, which could conceivably pay such a website to downplay adverse health effects of various drugs.

On their Facebook page, one commenter, Lynda Sonju Malcolm, said it best:

The real problem isn't limited to Obamacare, though. Who ELSE is paying WebMD to promote their crap? When I ask about ADHD, am I getting a promotional response from the pharmaceutical company? If I ask about a surgery, am I getting a paid response from a surgeons' group? Where does it stop? Oh, and the CEO is a doctor, but he's never practiced. His entire career has been "business development" which is another term for "growing money" and "salesman".