The Radical Self-Care Free Online Course
Six steps to taking better care of yourself in a world that often seems crazy.

Become an Energy Healer
Here are a variety of courses on energy healing you can take from the comfort of your home with a computer and your MP3 player.

Certified Virtual Flower Essences Practitioner Course
The Virtual Flower Essences Certified Practitioner Course is a home-study course on how to select, create and use virtual flower essences in a professional healing capacity.

"I just wanted to tell you that I just finished your virtual flower essence course and it is awesome. It was very easy to understand. I did all the modules in 1 evening. It was well worth the money. Thank you for always keeping the courses and attunements on you site at very reasonable prices. I can't wait to start my next course with you."

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Reiki Level I - Distance Course
This is the first course you need if you wish to become a Reiki practitioner. Reiki Level I attunes you to the first Reiki symbol to heal on the physical level.

In this distance course, you will be given the basics to start healing with Reiki immediately.

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Xen Healing Training and Certification
Xen Healing is a very simple but powerful method of healing that uses intention and guided visualization for healing. It uses a 5-step process: protection, clearing, alignment, energizing, and manifesting.

No hands-on healing is performed in Xen Healing - it is unique and unlike Reiki or similar techniques. Xen Healing also does not require an attunement to work.

Because Xen Healing is completely different from Reiki, it is a good supplement to your Reiki skills. It is versatile and can be used for distance healing as well as one-on-one healing via telephone or face to face.

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