Do You Need Anti-Depressants? Can You Afford to Take Them in the First Place?

  • Posted on: 6 June 2011
  • By: mokshalom

A Facebook friend posted a link to the following article, which talks about the theory that anti-depressants not only don't cure depression, but make it worse by altering brain chemistry in negative and sometimes long-lasting ways:

The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?

Not surprising, many responses to the article were from folks who were attached to the belief that they needed psychiatric "rescue" by drugs. I posted a reply (admittedly, sometimes I waste too much time debating on Facebook), but thought it might be good to share here on my blog. Given that anti-depressants may make you depressed for life, can you afford to take the risk of using them? Wouldn't it be good to know that there is another way?

Here is my Facebook response:

I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no reason to use anti-depressants. Scientific studies show that regular exercise has the same benefits (without the side effects). Changing your diet (cutting out refined sugar and flour and using whole grains instead), exercising, and doing holistic practices such as yoga and meditation can cure depression without drugs. Along with that, it's advised to actually work on treating the emotional pains and disappointments that are contributing.

I had severe depression in college. They put me on Zoloft but I am allergic to it - I had visual hallucinations and had to be taken off of it for risk of a seizure. Since I cannot use anti-depressants I had to find another way. And I can assure you, there is another way.

Big Pharma does a lot of brainwashing to convince people they "have to" use drugs. Unfortunately, the psychiatric profession has been taken over by Big Pharma so they can't help you.

Just making dietary adjustments alone can have huge mental health benefits. Elizabether Somer's books about this are excellent. See:

There are also wonderful herbal supplements that can help. A qualified acupuncturist or naturopath can do wonders.

P.S. I recently found myself suffering from bouts of anxiety for no good reason; turns out my mild mitral valve prolapse was acting up. Why? I had gotten off my exercise routine due to a move halfway across the country. Doing regular cardio and taking some heart-supporting supplements completely got rid of the anxiety in less than two weeks.


Seriously, anti-depressants should be illegal! After graduating from college and joining the workforce, I became terribly depressed and associated it to not ever having a steady and beneficial relationship. I had always had a hard time with meeting men as I'm quite bashful, and I had read that Zoloft could not only help with my depression, but my social anxiety as well. So I went to see a shrink and after one visit prescribed me with 25mg of Zoloft after one visit! She barely got to know my condition and was passing out these DANGEROUS pills like they were candy. After getting past the horrible first week of taking it, I started normalizing and after about a month, I felt strangely giddy and more talkative. I even mustered up the courage to give online dating sites a try and met a man that seemed wonderful. We became serious after a few months of dating and once we started getting intimate, I became increasingly detached from him. I had always had a relatively strong sex drive, but the Zoloft turned me into a sex zombie. I engaged with little joy (and a good amount of pain)... Needless to say, I frustrated that guy and he wandered elsewhere while I was left to figure it all out. I realized something was terribly wrong when I didn't feel anything after he broke up with me. No hurting, no crying. Just blank. I then realized I wanted to get off those evil pills after reading about their personality smothering effects. I stupidly stopped taking them cold turkey and had a horrible withdrawal with brain zaps and all. It took three weeks to get back to feeling normal and when I went back to the shrink, she scolded me for not weening myself off. Anyway, fast forward a year and a half later and I've finally learned how to fight my depression naturally... a solid cardio workout with bi-weekly yoga classes. The yoga restored a part of my soul (and I met an amazing beautiful man in my class!!!) and the cardio keeps the endorphins pumping, which keeps me sane at my desk Monday through Friday. In short, stay away from mind altering drugs! They do more damage than good!! —Jen

From what I've heard, anti-depressants ARE overused but in some cases, definitely necessary. I've always been into working out and am an unusually upbeat person so I have never seen a need for such medications. However, my last boyfriend Todd (We met on one of those dating services) had dealt with issues of depression throughout his life. I didn't know at first, but after dating for a few months he slowly started opening up about it. I convinced him to start going to the gym with me, and he did, but only for like three weeks. All he did was nag that I was taking too long and that there is no point to a treadmill when people can run outside, etc. Needless to say, I told him he had to get on the meds or I had to get out of the relationship. He chose the meds =) It's going good between us so far, but if he forgets his anti-depressants one day, I am most certainly in no mood to babysit him...