Book Review: Doing Virtuous Business

  • Posted on: 8 September 2011
  • By: mokshalom

Doing Virtuous Business is about how the best businesses utilize spiritual principles to not only achieve success but make the world a better place. It's a compelling idea and one that we should, as a culture, explore further. The author comes at the subject as a devout Christian, and so much of the theory is based in Christian principles and ideals; however, he does endeavor to expand the playing field to other faiths.

I've read other reviews of this book that don't like some of the examples he's used as role models (Wal-Mart being one), but I still find the premise of the book to be solid and inspiring. The author is obviously a deep thinker and a thoughtful man, and this is evidenced in the deep analysis he does of business and how we shape it and it shapes us. If there's one major failing of the book, it's only a failing for some – the book is highly academic and scholarly, and may thus be too dense for the casual reader and entrepreneur who is simply looking for an inspirational self-help book.

I personally enjoyed the academic tone; far too often, it seems spiritual books these days are dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. This book can be a challenging read, and you may not agree with all of it, but it's worth some of your brain power if you'd like to have a different perspective on capitalism and how faith might transform it into something more positive.

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