Empower Yourself

Do you want to be a creator in life or a consumer? Do you want to overcome your problems? Do you want to find more meaning and connection? The answer is amazingly simple. Empower yourself by connecting to the great divine spirit of creation - God. Disconnect from the negative energies of lower beings trying to use your energy for their own benefit.

Empowering yourself doesn't mean going it alone or doing it all on your own power. It's about partnering with God (or "The Universe" or whatever you want to call the Creator) to make the most of the gifts and talents you have been given to be a light to the world.

So Let's Talk About God - and Why God is Important
It's sad how many people today have a skewed idea of who or what God is (or isn't). Many atheists mock the idea of God by using the derogatory term "Sky Daddy" to refer to Him. They don't think that a higher power could be personalized or care about people. Some religious people think they know God, but all they really know is their own stubborn ideas of who they think God is. New Age people have varied views about God, some more helpful than others.

The problem with today's New Age teachings is that they often try to make the individual into God. They tell you that "you create your reality" but in doing so, twist the basic concept of positive thinking (which is absolutely helpful and works much of the time) and turn it into a fundamentalist, black-and-white form of control and manipulation of life.

If you are a fundamentalist believer in the Law of Attraction, you aren't going to like the message here, because it's not that simple. The idea of "empowering yourself" that is taught here at Mokshalom is not about monitoring yourself for every negative thought, but focusing on becoming a better person. And you're not going to be told that you are God, or even that we are "One" (which is a fancy way that New Agers try to claim that they are God).

Unless you know exactly how the universe was formed and how it continues to run, you are not God. There is a higher being than you, that knows more than you do, has more power than you do, and is responsible for the natural world around you.

The good news is that you don't have to worry about taking on the entire responsibility for your life. You have someone who can share your burdens with you. You don't have to do it all alone. God is there to help.

So why do so many modern New Age teachings ignore God? Well, for one thing, many New Agers have issues with church, either due to a negative association from childhood (that may be more about family issues than the church itself), certain political issues (not knowing that the church has denominations that cross the entire political spectrum), or because church was simply too dull and boring.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of New Age teachers that capitalize on this, sometimes with good intentions and sometimes not so good. But, any teaching that tries to make you out to be God, or turn you into God, is a false teaching. It is either the teaching of misguided, but well-meaning people, or actual diabolical propaganda sent out by negative entities masquerading as light beings channeled by so-called New Age "gurus."

Navigating through the modern world without a strong connection to God can be challenging. Meditation, prayer and other spiritual tools can help you on your journey.