Energy Healing

Energy healing is a very powerful method of healing; in fact, all healing may be due to some form of energy healing.

I am a Reiki Master with training in a variety of complimentary disciplines, including EFT (and variations), TAT, and Pranic Healing.

I am also the developer of Emotional Freedom Reiki. I am constantly studying and developing new energy healing systems. Many of my Reiki systems have been translated into other languages, including Japanese and German.

I am an energetic intuitive; that means I am able to read energy (either in person or via a distance). My energy readings are highly accurate and I can pinpoint areas of chi blockage that may be the cause and/or effect of issues you are having.

All energy healing sessions can be done in person (in Los Angeles), via the telephone, or through distance healing. I also offer Reiki classes and attunements in person or via a distance - for a complete list of available courses, please go to my energy healing website, Element Energy Center.

I have a small selection of affordable EFT/Emotional Freedom Reiki audios available in the online store.

Get a Free Reiki Healing
You can receive a free Reiki healing from me at any time, from anywhere, simply by meditating with my Reiki charged photograph.