How to Read Energy

In this audio class, you will learn how to read chakras in person and remotely using a pendulum. This is a really fantastic tool to use in your healing practice and also for self-healing.

Audio one covers how to use a pendulum to read the chakras. Audio two covers how to identify "safe" vs. "dangerous" people using your chakra readings. Topics covered include:

1. How to use a pendulum.
2. Why some people are "dangerous" and how to protect yourself from them.
3. How to identify addictive energy patterns in the chakras.
4. What are etheric cords, psychic attacks, and energetic vampires.
5. Why some people are vulnerable to dangerous people.
6. How to energetically "vet" potential teachers, friends, and lovers.
7. How to assist clients dealing with bad relationships.

Have a pendulum handy or a large paperclip with some string. The audio comes with a Pendulum Chakra Chart as a reference for reading the chakras.

You will receive two audio files (MP3, both approx. 35-40 minutes, 25-27 MB) and a Pendulum Chakra Chart (in electronic PDF format).

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