Have CFS? Or Just Busy? Get a Roomba

  • Posted on: 12 November 2007
  • By: mokshalom

OK, I usually don't do commercial advertising here, but I must share. A lot of people who know me don't realize that in order to be healthy and chipper, I have days where sometimes I need 10-12 hours of sleep in order to control my chronic fatigue syndrome.

So when you need to sleep a lot compared to regular humans, what's the first thing to go out the window? Cleaning, especially the floors. What's important to do when you have CFS? Vacuuming regularly, to remove dust and allergens. Because if you don't, you might feel more tired...which ends up making it hard to vacuum...and thus a vicious circle is born.

Enter the miraculous labor saving device!

My friend got me a Roomba in thanks for helping her with something. A Roomba, in case you hadn't heard, is a robotic vacuum cleaner that sweeps your floors all by itself.

I have to honestly say this is one of the best inventions since the personal computer. I am amazed at how this little thing runs around and sweeps up my floors. It handles hardwood and carpet. It even gets under the bed. It also handles wires (such as speaker wires) just fine.

If it has one drawback, the battery does not have a long life. But you can get a spare if you want, or just vacuum one area at a time.

The best part? You just push the CLEAN button and it does its thing. This is an ideal holiday gift for someone who has chronic fatigue syndrome or anyone who is just too busy/tired/sick to clean. Now that I have it, I can't imagine living without it.

It may seem a little pricey, but not much more so than regular vacuum cleaners. I received mine from The Roomba Shop, which offers cheaper, refurbished versions.

When you are done cleaning, you can hack your Roomba so it plays a song! Watch the video below for some Roomba holiday cheer:


Neat vaccum! My folks bought one a year or so ago, and occasionally when I call them my dad says he's doing chores. I ask him to elaborate, and he says he's "vaccuming". Heh.

It's good for my mom though...she has CFS as well as other ailments. Best to leave vaccuming of the wood floors up to the Roomba.

"Por favor, manténganse alejado de las puertas"