The Seriously Anorexic Woman at the Gym

  • Posted on: 16 November 2007
  • By: mokshalom

I was swimming at the gym yesterday and could not believe my eyes. A woman walked into the pool area with a body that was so drawn and thin that she literally looked like she had walked out of a concentration camp.

She had on a full red bathing suit so I got a very good look at her body. She wasn't young either. She had absolutely no fat on her body whatsoever. She was maybe 5'4" but could have weighed 60 pounds. Her legs were like sticks and looked like they could barely support her thin body.

When she turned around, you could literally see her skeleton through her skin. You could see every nook and cranny of her spine. Her shoulder blades stuck out like thin jagged rocks.

I was so shocked and appalled I did not know what to do. I thought about saying something to her but what would be the point? She's either aware and trying to heal or in denial.

I also considered that perhaps she was suffering from an illness. Yet, if she were sick in that way, why would she be at the gym to workout?

Remember, when you are trying to lose weight: It is always better to be a little bit overweight than underweight.

A little bit of padding is much better than no padding at all. A small amount of fat protects your muscles, skeleton and organs. It also provides a backup source of fuel for your body. While many of us live in a world where we get way too many calories, you never know when the tide will change and you'll need some of that fat on you.

I know that's an argument that will be lost on someone suffering from an eating disorder. But it's a good reminder to the average woman who is perhaps beating herself up for not having that model-perfect body.


My Mom and I were watching the Food Network last night and there is a show called Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller that we could not believe is on the air. Robin Miller is completely anorexic. The terrible irony is that she is a nutritionist who became a nutritionist because her sister DIED from anorexia.

Well whatever made her sister anorexic has done the same to Robin Miller.

I cannot tell you how unappetizing it is to watch an anorexic cooking. There she is bundled up in sweaters layered over t-shirts, layered over thermal underwear (all which end up being baggy in size XS)while her emaciated wrists can hardly hold the pans she cooks in. And when she goes to put something in the oven it's like - oh my god, she's going to pitch right over!

She looks to be about 90 pounds, no more, no breasts at all, eyes popping huge from their sockets and skeletal structure visible in her face and outline of her well-covered up figure. Most people wear a light shirt when cooking, especially doing a TV show under all those lights. Robin wore a turtleneck and huge cable-knit sweater in last night's episode. Often she will wear a denim jacket to cook in. She doesn't have an ounce of body fat to keep her warm.

The worst part is when she makes food and talks about how she cannot wait to eat it. All you have to do is look at her to know that she eats NOTHING or if she does she throws it up. The food that she makes is horrible, soggy, disgusting looking, unappetizing, exactly the kind of food I would expect an anorexic to make.

The saddest thing is that real chefs have been eighty-sixed from the Food Network to focus on "cooks" like Paula Deen, Sandra Lee and Rachael Ray. And now they even have anorexics with cooking shows. How could anyone not TELL that she is anorexic? Have people become that used to emaciated women that they don't even notice anymore?

Here is a link to some photos of her but trust me you cannot see how emaciated she is until you see her on her show.

Nikki- Robin Miller is NOT anorexic, and this entire discussion just goes to show how horribly misunderstood eating disorders are. Why cant you just focus on your own body and your own issues? Our society is so used to seeing obese women that when you see one who is a healthy weight or naturally thin, everyone reacts like that women then must have an eating disorder. You must be a really insecure and unhappy person to conjure up such bullshit about a person you don't even know and go on to insult her. Even if she DOES have an eating disorder that is unfortunate and sad but its HER problem, not yours. You clearly aren't too happy with your own body to go around insulting others and spetding your time slandering someone who appears to be thin but healthy.

As for the original poster- thats very sad. Not all anorexics are young and female. Eating disorders come to be for many reasons, but many that I have worked with have had severe trauma, sexual abuse and horrible anxiety disorders. Its not a joke. And its the most deadly psychiatric condition. Saying something would have done nothing, other than to perhaps injure a wounded person further.

Sella, while you seem to feel passionate about the issue of eating disorders, responding to Nikki in such a mean-spirited way is hardly helpful nor is it woman-positive. For someone who claims to be sensitive to the plight of those with eating disorders, you should know better than to come onto a website and accuse someone you don't know of having emotional or weight issues.

Robin Miller, on the other hand, is a public figure and as such it is fair to question her thinness. Judging from the traffic that is coming to my blog on the searches on "Robin Miller anorexic" alone, it seems that Nikki is not the only one who thinks Miller may have a problem.

I can't say either way because I have not watched the show. However, I think it is fair to question the media images of women and how they impact others. Why do female chefs on the Food Network tend to be young, thin and pretty, while the men are more likely to be older and more rotund? These are the questions we should be asking - not lambasting other women for being rightfully fed up with images of skinny women thrown in their faces all the time.

First of all, I'm not going to accuse Ms. Miller of anorexia, because I don't know what type of disorder she has. However, being a recoved eating disorder patient, I am here to tell you ..... from experience...she absolutely isn't getting enough calories into her system. One look at her and you can see that. She does try to hide the skeletal look with all the layers. (I did that too) And, I have often wondered why the heck was she cooking with a jacket on. Kitchens are hot! I've seen her over boiling water, wearing turtle necks and a jacket. It's not just her weight that telltales her to me, it's her coloring, her eyes, were apparant weakness when lifting heavy pots. Please don't now accuse me of being some kind of "hater"...or being fat and just dissing her. As I already said...I used to be extemely unhealthy, and way too skinny. I got healthy. I am now a very healthy, average sized 8 person that LOVES to eat, LOVES to excercise and LOVES Food Network cooking shows. But, c'mon...after watching today (January 30, 2008), I just felt it was time to speak up about her OBVIOUS weight issue.

I was watching her show sunday morning, i was trying to watch the show and not Robin but she was distracting me because of how thin she looked. Being a host on a cooking show probably dosent help either. No i dont expect you to be fat just because your a Chef but she just really got my attention i couldnt help not paying much attention to what the heck she was doing and looking at how thin she was. What more can i say...iam not making fun of her either other than i just couldnt concentrate on her recipe.

I'm one of those people you mentioned who found your blog by Googling "Is Robin Miller anorexic?" I saw her last weekend on Food TV and thought she looked very scary.

I agree that something is mus be going on with her. She does not look healthy in anyway. I just so happen to catch her show today 3/7/08. The camera panned out b/c she was putting something in the microwave...and I couldn't believe how baggy her jeans were on her skinny legs. She lives in AZ and ALWAYS seems to be bundled up. When she tastes her food, it's always such a small bite.

You are correct, the pictures you link us to does not show a woman who appears to have an eating disorder.
I can tell you that as a skinny woman, who does not have an eating disorder, but is mistaken for someone who does, it is a serious judgement to make upon/against/in concern for another person. It is sad that I, as a thin woman, who is petite and layering to look less thin, should be inappropriately and unofficially diagnosed by anyone who sees me, as having anorexia or whatever name they choose to slap on me, and to assume I am involved in the behaviors which constitute that disorder.
It is good of you to consider illness, I certainly did, when my weight started to fall off. But I have no illness, in fact am healthier than any other time in my fifty-three years.
So, I suggest to you with kindness, to not place a formal label on individuals, particularly those you do not know personally, because you could be accusing them of something and be way off the mark. Being called, or even having it alluded to that one is anorexic, when one is not doing anything to cause the thinness, is like any other type of discrimination.
I don't go on the web and write "She's so fat, who would want to watch her cook food?" Let it go. Let people be, unless you truly plan to assist an ill person, think about refraining from making what may be very hurtful comments.
With no ill intent, only hoping to educate.

It's tough to ever say something to someone about their weight especially that skinny as you said you don't know if they are ill, in denial or maybe even recovering. But being at the gym certainly isn't going to help someone recover from an eating disorder when burning calories is very important to them. It's become acceptable to be able to tell someone to quit smoking stop smoking or smoking's bad, be it family friends or even a stranger, the usually response is people say yeah i know, I've tried to quite or they shrug it off. To bad you can't go around and tell people not eating is bad or eating and purging is bad, not to mention so many other things. We accept the fact that smoking isn't good and hear about it all the time but why not start letting people know not eating is bad. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to help someone be it a family member, friend or even a stranger. Eating disorder treatment is needed since the illness is very psychological, to be under 100lbs and see your self as fat to the average person is crazy but these people truly do see theme selves as overweight which is why getting help is so important.

First let me say I have no idea about whether or not Robin Miller has an eating disorder or not and neither does anyone else who has posted here. I can say this easily because of my own weight problems. All through high school I weighed and until I became pregnant at the age of 25 I weighed 89-94 pounds. I ate any and everything I wanted and that anyone else ate, including candy bars, vegetables, meats, milkshakes. You get the picture. I wanted to gain weight and I could not. People were constantly telling me I needed to gain weight. This was just as painful as if someone told me I was fat. I was stick straight! People were always telling me if I would drink milkshakes I would gain weight. No, it didn't work for me. I bought a product thru mail order called "Weight-On." That didn't work either. When I was 26 and the night I delivered my baby I weighed 107 lbs before I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I began to gain weight. I say all of this to tell you not to put name tags on people that you know nothing about.

I don't feel all that sorry for naturally skinny people who are "upset" about a "you're too skinny comment". Sorry. Go out and get a real problem like cancer or a child with a terminal illness and then you'll get my sympathy. Whoopdie Do....someone made you feel too skinny? Seriously? Personally, I think people like that THRIVE on being told that. Grow up and find something serious to worry about. Geez.

omg i agree with you 5943% could not have said it better.

I LOVE the food network.I am into so many of the shows but robin miller distracts me due to her looking soo thin.she looks pale and frail and it distracts me from her recipes. not saying you need to be fat to cook, but when i see her all i see is someone who needs a cheeseburger!She seems to struggle with the pots and pans, and whoaa, putting anything in the oven.Come on robin, those bites you taste are the only food you get all day it seems.worried for you.