Jennifer Love Hewitt's So-Called Big Butt and a Wake-Up Call for Women

  • Posted on: 3 December 2007
  • By: mokshalom

Yet another star's body is being torn to shreds by the tabloids; this time it's Jennifer Love Hewitt. The woman is in her late 20s and yet people are surprised that she's grown a womanly ass.

I don't follow tabloids - I truly think they are signifying the downfall of western civilization. They are shallow, petty, and completely hateful publications that try to pass themselves off as journalism. They don't feed people's minds; they distract people from more important things and contribute to a society where we take pleasure in seeing people torn down instead of built up.

But when some big news hits about a female celebrity and body image, I do take notice. (Funny...these reports never come out about the men!) And so I read some of what the gossip websites were saying about Jennifer Love Hewitt's body. Of course, these faux-journalists were reveling in the small amount of cellulite, trying to make it into the worst thing to happen to the world of entertainment since Johnny Carson left the Tonight Show.

Many individuals commenting were also harsh and mean - I'd like to see their bodies in a swimsuit! What was truly heartening was the large number of men who stood up for Jennifer's body and said they loved it. In fact, I'd guesstimate that more men than women were supportive, and more women than men were happy to tear Jennifer down.

What does this say about the state of women today? I don't have specific statistics handy but who is it that buys these tabloids at the grocery store anyway? Women. Who is it that consumes fashion magazines filled with anorexic models? Women. Who is it that fuels these celebrity gossip websites? Women.
Meanwhile, men are purchasing magazines about their hobbies: computer magazines, sports magazines, or maybe a magazine about motorcycles or something. They read the Economist. They don't just read junk all the time. (Don't get me wrong: Men are also buying certain other types of magazines, ahem, but that's not the only thing they read, and even those magazines have some intelligent writing in them.)

Women - find something better to do with your brains! Boycott the tabloids. Stop wasting your time getting obsessed with celebrities and their bodies. If you need to find some way to get a break from your dull unhappy life, pursue a hobby. Learn a craft. Volunteer. Study art and music.

By focusing and putting energies into these mean-spirited celebrity news publications and TV shows, you are not just hurting yourself but hurting all women in general. Women actors should be judged on their ability to act, not how their butt looks in a bathing suit. And we all should have better things to do with our time than care in the first place.

P.S. Kudos to Jennifer Love Hewitt for sticking up for herself.


It's hard to grow into your body no matter your sex, what makes it even harder is the fact that we all come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Have a few babies and see how things change, if people would just accept that we're all different life would be tons easier.I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is a knock out big butt and all, maybe even more so because of her butt size!