Is our culture too obsessed with celebrities?


It IS ok to let others be at their own place of conditioning, development or enlightenment in this world.

To do otherwise is to assume you know more than the Creator.

It is not OK to keep your mouth shut if you see your culture or the people around you going down a path that might be dangerous to society as a whole.

Celebrity obsession might seem to be a minor thing on the surface to some. But in my short lifetime it seems to be going to an extreme that is downright scary to me.

I don't have a problem with celebrities themselves. I don't have a problem with someone being a fan of an actor or a show.

I do have a problem when our news media covers the sordid personal lives of celebrities over real news. Important news. News that we need to be kept abreast of to have a thriving democracy. When who Brad Pitt is seeing is bigger news than what's going on in Iraq, we have a problem.

My heart was sad when Margot Kidder had her manic depression problems, and I hated to hear about any out-of-work actors almost losing their homes, but rather than fill ourselves with the mindless gossip we should be more concerned when they or any non-celebrities take the helm and try to do their best to build housing in Hurricane areas (Thanks to Jimmy Carter and Brad Pitt) and to the celebrities who came to protect the vegetable garden in the city of LA (thank you Joan Baez and Daryl Hannah) but which received no help from the Mayor and was bulldozed over. Celebrities can do much good but should be left alone for them to live their private lives IN private! We should never become so obsessed with them where it becomes a huge market to get an embarrassing photo of them and then the photographers go from simple fans to criminal stalkers.

I was so lucky to get to know Loretta Young before she died from cancer on Aug. 12, 2000, She was more than just a film star but the best kind of person one should aspire to be like. She would spend about $200 of her money per day driving around her area of desert and giving money to the homeless, giving to charities, she started a food bank for the poor at her church, St Louis Catholic Church in Cathedral City, CA
and did more for anyone than people knew because it was never before a camera. At the chapel at the Desert Hospital in Palm Springs, she would sit there every day and ask people there whom they were praying for and write it down on a list and would pray for that stranger until she found out they were okay.

Angelina Jolie does so much good for this world, too, with her many adoptions and caring for the poor.

When people like this do so many great things in their lives, its our responsibility NOT to buy tabloids who only exploit them, since everyone deserves some privacy.