Does Sex Make You Happier Than God? Unscientific Surveys Being Passed Off as Science

  • Posted on: 16 November 2013
  • By: stephanie

Once you clue in to how often the media pushes some flimsy "study" to promote a particular agenda or viewpoint, you never quite look at them the same. A case in point is the recent "study" done in New Zealand that purports to claim that sex and alcohol provide more "happiness" than children or religion.

Never mind the fact that there is a huge difference between fleeting pleasure and lasting happiness, a distinction that was apparently not made in the survey. Since when does a small sample of people filling out a questionnaire constitute a deep, in-depth study of human behavior? It does not. But if you pay attention, more and more "studies" being touted by the mainstream media are nothing more than simple surveys of a few people.

Yet, despite the potentially flawed methodology, never mind who exactly was surveyed (college students? twenty-somethings?), the blaring headline that went along with the above-reference article is: "Sex and alcohol make you happier than kids and religion, study finds".

The brilliant C.S. Lewis already tackled this issue of the difference between pleasure and joy decades ago. The mainstream media, however, being run by large conglomerates that are beholden to the agenda of the elite, aren't interesting in teaching you how to obtain real joy. Why? Because real joy comes from a deep, inner connection with God/Spirit, and by being so connected, you will automatically disconnect from the media messages and brainwashing put out on a daily basis to make you into a mindless consumer.

So of course, the mainstream media wants you to believe that cheap sex and partying is the path to inner peace. They don't want you to be meditating, or going to church regularly, or focusing on building deep bonds with your children and family members. They want you doped up on pot, drunk on booze, and obsessed with sex. That keeps you from paying attention to the growing police state. The agenda of the elite is to disconnect you from your spirit so they can control you.

Think I'm reading too much into one little study? Perhaps. But more importantly, I'm talking about the overall pattern going on here. If you step back and focus on what the media is constantly pushing, you'll see a diet of shallow narcissism being sold.

Not everyone is buying it, thankfully. I'd like to share the following awesome (and gruff) comment by one man in response to this "survey":

you never now the joy of having your baby. ( male, or female) look at you with huge blue eyes, bright as the summer sky, looking, thinking, with endless possibilities. Then, hearing their first words every to cross their lips. Hoping, praying, wishing, it would be the one word you've always wanted to hear. " daddy".
now kindy piss off with how much sex is greater than being a father.
get real your children yourselves.
my name is Terry. my email [email protected].c‚Äčom. If you take offence to something i said in this rant. F- you. email tell me. I will love my children more than anything until the day I am no longer on this mortal coil.

God bless you, Terry!