Demonic Activity in the Mexican Drug Cartels Part of Greater Demonic Onslaught

  • Posted on: 18 January 2014
  • By: stephanie

Why are exorcisms on the rise in Mexico? Because of an increasing belief that Mexican drug cartel activity is being fueled by demonic possession. Given that drug cartel members are worshiping a dark "anti-saint" that goes by the name "Santa Muerte" and appears as a skeletal mockery of the Virgin Mary, it's no wonder. They are making human sacrifices to this demonic avatar and celebrating death and mayhem.

Actively engaging in such activity is sure to not just attract demonic forces but invite them in. Once possessed, it's hard to escape without external help.

Now, people who have not developed their "sixth sense" scoff at such reports but I can tell you - demons are real. There has been a massive increase in the amount of demonic energy on the planet in the past 5-10 years or so. It is palpable.

This morning I got attacked by a negative entity while I was sleeping - in my dream, it was pressing down on my head and covering my eyes to try to remove my sight. When this happens I usually end up unconsciously calling on Archangel Michael or Jesus to help and they go away.

Yeah, I know some of you reading this think this is loony. Well, you may be lucky that you don't sense this stuff. Some of these entities are super scary. In some respects it'd be easier to not sense these energies...except...then you don't really have a way to deal with something that might be stopping you in your life.

I will say, if you are an atheist they probably don't bother you too much because they think you are already in their camp. They are more likely to attack people who are actively involved in the spiritual awakening right now, whether they are New Age healers or Christians or other spiritual people.

Your best protection is daily prayer and meditation.

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