Lady Gaga's Vomit Performance at SXSW Shows Disconnection From Source

  • Posted on: 15 March 2014
  • By: stephanie

Lady Gaga sunk to a new low at her recent SXSW performance by bringing a so-called "vomit artist" on stage and having the young women puke green slop all over her. The disgusting performance brings to mind the green vomit spewed by the demon-possessed girl in The Exorcist, so it's no wonder that a lot of people feel Gaga's latest antics are further proof of her allegiance to Lucifer.

But you don't need to be a full-on Satan-worshiper to be on the wrong side of good vs. evil when it comes to art. Here's why: Anything truly creative comes from God. Those people who are connected to "Source" are often inspired to create works of great beauty. This is why some of the most beautiful and lasting art the world has ever seen has come from the major world religions.

The destructive force, labeled demonic or Satanic by Christians and other spiritualists, does not have any inherent creative abilities. Such a force can only "create" through copying others (at best) and (at worst) outright destruction. This is why so much of popular music today is derivative and its images violent and coarse. The music industry is divorced from Source and only concerned with raw profit.

Lady Gaga does have some talent, but she has abused her talent by selling out. She no longer has any original creative ideas, and must resort to shock value to keep herself "relevant."

The use of demonic imagery (green vomit) to defile the body's temple as done in Lady Gaga's performance is therefore "Satanic," if not literally, then on a figurative level. In the least, the vomiting sends a terrible message to young women, many of whom struggle with eating disorders such as bulimia.

Die-hard fans of Lady Gaga go to great lengths to defend the artist no matter what she does, but Gaga's vomit performance shows just how far gone the artist is from the path of light.