Negative Reports on Anti-Depressants Squashed...Perhaps Tom Cruise Was Right?

  • Posted on: 17 January 2008
  • By: mokshalom

The big news: So it turns out that many negative reports on the effectiveness on antidepressants have been either suppressed or spun so that they seemed more positive than they were. Big surprise. As I have been saying for years, the drug companies profit from people believing they need anti-depressants to overcome depression, that there's something physically wrong that requires a pill.

As recent studies have shown, exercise can be just as effective (and possibly more) in fighting anti-depressants than a pill. But exercise doesn't come in a pill form, so the drug companies have no reason to tell you that.

Ironically, as this news comes out, Tom Cruise is being blasted on all sides for a private Scientology video that has been leaked. A lengthy news report from Australian television trashes Cruise for his stance that anti-depressants and the world of psychiatry at large are bad. While it's so easy to bash Scientology (since it's that weird religion), hardly anyone is acknowledging that, hey, maybe Tom was a little bit right. After all, it's looking just a leeeetle bad that these negative anti-depressant reports have been hushed up.

Could it be that profits are more important than healing people to the drug companies? Hm. You think?

Scientology doesn't scare me because I live in Los Angeles and I had a good friend who was a Scientologist once. It's about as scary to me as any religion, meaning, when it becomes fundamentalist, we have a problem. A fundamentalist Scientologist is no worse and no better than a fundamentalist Christian.

Tom may have gone off the deep end, but no more than anyone who has found Jesus and needs to convert everyone they meet. If Mitt Romney, a Mormon, can run for President, why is it not OK that an actor is a Scientologist? Both religions are bizarre and come from dubious origins.

Let's not kill the messenger, just because the source is not a mainstream religion. The one thing that the Scientologists do stand for, and that we should give them credit for, is that they are anti-drug. They are against all types of mind-altering drugs. That includes street drugs as well as psychiatric drugs.

This is not an insane, crazy position. This is valid position that I wish more people would consider. Meanwhile, we continue to drug ourselves and our children into oblivion with these legal drugs pushed by the biggest dope pushers of them all, Big Pharma. And that's the cult I'm most concerned about, because it has absolutely permeated our society as being "the answer," and hardly anyone criticizes it.


The drug industry is only thinking about the money. No one is thinking about the health of the people. Their are trying to help in a little way so they can get a lot of money. Sad to say that this will be around for many years to come. Too bad is that everybody knows this but nobody is doing something. I hope that once day the people in charge of these drug, will end up in a drug addiction treatment center so thay can see tha harm that they did.

I won't argue what you said and I support your opinion. My position is based on real facts as I am a ex drug addict, just recovered in rehabs. Antidepressants were supposed to help me but instead I only got more confused as their effects lead me into addiction.