Why I Like Hillary Clinton

  • Posted on: 31 January 2008
  • By: mokshalom

I have a white male friend who is all agog over Obama. He has no logical reason for this other than the fact that Obama is "inspiring" to him. Funny, I have yet to meet a left-wing man who is similarly agog over Hillary Clinton.

I'm not anti-Obama at all, but I'm getting tired of the Obama love-fest. Why? Because, while Obama speaks a lot of pretty words during his speeches, I don't really have a sense as to his underlying intelligence or character.

I'm also getting tired of hearing that women are only voting for Hillary "because of" her gender.

Let me explain something. Hillary's gender is more than just a "I need to vote for a women" thing for me. For the first time in my lifetime, there's actually a presidential candidate that I can relate to. I can relate to Hillary. Not just because she's a woman and I'm a woman. That's a given.

The reason I relate to Hillary is because I consider myself to a similarly-minded smart woman who has gotten a lot of grief for being outspoken and smart. I know what it's like to be smart but not have the more shallow people skills that make you "popular." Hillary is like that. She's the nerd who has to struggle to be understood, while Obama is the slick popular kid who knows how to win people on his side through sheer charm.

Hillary is probably the candidate up there with the highest IQ of them all, but does anyone give her credit for that? I truly feel that a lot of Hillary's critics aren't really bashing her out of logic, they are bashing her out of an emotional reaction to seeing a strong woman take center stage.

And it's not just threatened men who bash Hillary. The women who seem to despise Hillary are the same women who seem to despise women who are independent. These are the women who think that women should get married as soon as possible, quit working, and spend the rest of their lives serving their husband who is king of the home castle.

Certainly, we can argue rightfully that Hillary in part got to her position of power by marrying well, but we all know that she and Bill have been a team from day one. Bill would not have made it to president without her. (And that, perhaps, could be said of all male presidents in history.)

"Behind every great man is a great women," the saying goes. Perhaps it's about time we acknowledge the power of the great woman behind the man, and give her a chance to stand up in front on her own.

I hope Hillary wins and becomes our first female president. It would be a victory for all smart, outspoken women in America.


Neither Hillary or Barak has ever run anything. Neither has passed any significant legislation. Neither has any leadership experience. Neither has run a company. Neither has been even the Chair of a Congressional committee. Neither has been a mayor, governor or military leader.

Both tout themselves as change agents when neither of them has changed anything.

Hillary, according to the media, is playing the gender card. Bill is playing the race card. Bill is doing more campaiging than Hillary. So much for a take charge independent woman who doesn't need her husband to be successful.

Barrak as Bill says is a "fairytale".

I would suggest you look at either Mitt Romney (25 years as business leader, saved the 2002 Olympics and Governor for 4 years), Mike Hukabee (governor for 14 years) or John McCain (U.S. Senator for 25 years, dozens of key pieces of bi-partisan legislation, fiscal conservative, war hero and distinguished Navy commander).

All of these candidate have been significant change agents in each of their leadership positions.

Maybe you can get one to switch parties. Just kidding.

Hillary has never run anything? You are very much wrong.

Hillary Clinton was appointed to the Board of the Legal Services Corporation by Jimmy Carter in 1978. Legal Services provides legal aid to the poor, working to ensure voting rights, as well as suing corporations on their behalf.

Senator Clinton has published many scholarly articles. Two very important pieces were "Children's Policies: Abandonment and Neglect" in 1977 and "Children's Rights: A Legal Perspective" in 1979. The latter continued her argument that legal competence of children depended upon their age and other circumstances, and that in cases of serious medical rights judicial intervention is sometimes warranted. An American Bar Association chair later said, "Her articles were important, not because they were radically new but because they helped formulate something that had been inchoate."

Of course there's her years as an attorney specializing in patent infringement and intellectual property law at the Rose Law Firm. Arkansas listed Hillary Clinton as being among the state’s best business-litigation attorneys.

Forget the republicans, they'll make the health care situation far worse. Huckabee is especially scary with his creationism and changing the Constituion to fit the Bible.

I don't despise Hillary personally, I'm actually disappointed in her for not divorcing Bill. But the mud they were flinging between Iowa and S. Carolina totally turned me off. She needs to get rid of her union busting campaign manager Penn.

I had actually chosen Obama just a few days before the campaign turned ugly. First, I liked his health care plan. No major candidate has the truly single payer plan I would like to see, and Obama, Clinton and Edwards have(had) similar plans. So it came down to mnior details- Obama's seemed more focused on preventive care. Second, the Iraq War. He got it right back in 2002, she got it wrong and won't even admit she made a mistake. BTW, Obama is nerdy enough to have taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Third, those people skills matter. That's how you get your proposals enacted and he definitely has those skills. The JFK comparisons are fun , but I agree more with a letter I saw comparing him to Lincoln and FDR-able to listen to both sides,able to create consensus, moving the country forward in practical steps.

"The JFK comparisons are fun , but I agree more with a letter I saw comparing him to Lincoln and FDR-able to listen to both sides,able to create consensus, moving the country forward in practical steps."

I think it's a bit quick to be comparing Obama to some of our more famous presidents. I like him, but I'll reserve the comparisons until I have some results.

It's funny; Obama is supposedly the "feel good" candidate, and my friend is voting for Obama because his "heart" says so. He says that Obama really cares about the people, but I don't feel a lot of warmth from Obama personally. Out of all of them, I actually feel that HUCKABEE is the one who genuinely cares the most. Huckabee seems like a genuinely nice guy. But I'm not going to vote for him just for being a nice guy, and I would neither vote for Obama just because he's young and attractive and does a good speech. :-)

My decision to support Barack Obama is definitely based on character. I mean, Hillary and Barack are essentially saying a lot of the same things based on issues, but Hillary feels like she's pandering to the Democratic primary electorate, and her voting record reflects a much more moderate approach. I also think that she would effectively continue the paradigm that has dominated the past two decades. Democrat vs. Republican, Conservative vs. Liberal. I don't think that is entirely her fault, but she has a bitterly partisan divisive mindset that would compromises her chances of winning in November and then being an effective leader thereafter.

Hillary is more moderate, but somehow Obama will get more bipartisan support? Hillary herself is not "bitterly bipartisan," extreme forces on the right are. If Obama gets nominated and/or elected, you'll see a huge amount of opposition rise up. Not everyone is going to be singing "kumbaya" just because he's cute and charming. And heaven forbid, what happens if the JFK prediction becomes fully true (we all know what happened to JFK)...civil unrest the likes of which we haven't seen since the 60s...when someone becomes a cult, it's a concern.

Also, Stephanie, I don't think the contention about Hillary not being a viable candidate because of her former position as First Lady is altogether accurate. I believe that even detractors would acknowledge Hillary's history of public service--and doubtless, her qualifications far exceed being a pretty lil' Stepford Wife effigy a la Laura Bush--but rather, a lot of criticisms have been issued against this emerging model of dynastic government that I think is more ruinous than good. What next? Jeb Bush for president in 2012? That would give Chelsea a few years to start working on her own campaign schtick.

Obama supporters criticize the Clintons by complaining about certain families being in power, and yet, Obama is trying to push his viability as a candidate based on endorsements from one of the most powerful political families ever: the Kennedys. It seems downright disingenuous to me.

Thanks for this wise post. Hillary is the right candidate for the job. And that's what the presidency is - it's a job.
I'm voting for Hillary Clinton.

I'm a male, close to fifty. Hillary Honestly gives me hope. I admire her courage and I hope she wins. I'm also sick of every tv network saying she should quit. I guess they feel those of us that have not voted yet no longer matter. I find NBC to be the worst at it. Good Luck Hillary!