Poor Paul McCartney

  • Posted on: 28 February 2008
  • By: mokshalom

Paul, I have always loved your music, but I have to say you are getting a bit of karma here in your divorce settlement with the apparently ruthless gold-digger Heather Mills. $50 million was not enough for her; now you may end up paying $100 million or more.

It's been rumored that Mills went into the marriage precisely for the "opportunities." That's hardly surprising. One only need to look at her greed in their divorce proceedings to see where her priorities lie. Geez, why does any one person need more than $50 million?

So Paul, what were you thinking when you married a woman 25 years younger than you? That she loved you for you? And did you really love her for her in the first place? Or did you love the fact that you were a 60-something man with a 30-something hottie?

When conservatives discuss the "sanctity of marriage" in the context of trying to ban gays from it, they might consider how may straight people abuse the bond. How many lesbian gold-diggers have you heard of?

It continually saddens me that women have to turn to blatant gold-digging in order to make riches for themselves. Paul McCartney may have been wrong to base a marriage on his failing hormones, but he was simply an old, blind fool. Heather Mills, on the other hand, is an example of that which we women should never aspire to: A woman who makes herself into a glorified prostitute, who sells her body and her integrity for a chance at stealing a large sum of cash from a man she's duped.

Shame on you, Heather Mills. I may not be as rich as you, and I may not have had the "opportunities" you have had to travel around and buy lots of expensive stuff, but I have something you don't have: personal integrity. And that's what enables me to feel good about myself on a daily basis. Unlike you, I don't need expensive clothes and fancy cars to prove my worth to anyone.