CFS Q&A: Are You Better?

  • Posted on: 18 March 2008
  • By: mokshalom

Hey Stephanie.

Are you better? I've been floored with CFS for over 2 years now. I just began seeing an acupuncturist for about a month and taking chinese herbs for about 2 weeks but I can't say I see any significant difference. I was just wondering how you are feeling and how long it took for you to get better. This is very depressing. I have begun to feel a bit helpless. Any input/advice you could give me would be a great gift....

Thank you....

Thank you for the email. Yes, I know all too well how frustrating and depressing chronic fatigue syndrome can be. But don't give up! Two weeks is not long enough to see any significant progress from acupuncture treatments, if you have a very debilitating form of CFS.

Am I better? Yes. I'm not perfect or 100% cured, but I am much, much better. I used to be on disability, now I am "mostly normal." Mostly normal means I can do physically strenuous exercise and live a full life, but I just need more rest and downtime than the average person.

I have now had CFS for 20 years. It is not something that I ever "cured" but it is something I manage.

I can only share with you that acupuncture and other types of energy healing (such as Reiki or Pranic Healing) are the only treatments that worked to mitigate my CFS symptoms. The thing is, though, you can't go to a healer or acupuncturist once or twice and expect an instant miracle. CFS is an extremely debilitating illness that is notoriously hard to cure. Your energetic system is extremely compromised when you have CFS. It takes repeated, consisted sessions with a healer to fix the underlying energetic dysfunction.

You should commit to seeing your acupuncturist for a few months before expecting any significant relief from your symptoms. Additionally, I would recommend adding gentle or restorative yoga to your healing regimen.

Exercise, to me, was the key to improving my endurance and lessening my fatigue. For more information on how to manage exercise when you have CFS, please read my article:

How to Build Up Your Tolerance to Post-Exercise Malaise

I don't mean to discourage you by saying this, but my health improved gradually over many years. This is no reason to despair - the alternative is to have your health deteriorate as time goes by, which happens sadly all too often to some PWCs. I believe energy healing and yoga can improve the health of anyone who uses these methods consistently.

(Note: You must use gentle or restorative yoga at first to start. Do not do cardio-based yoga such as vinyasa flow or power yoga if you have active CFS.)

Now, my experience is not necessarily universal. As you can see from the comments on my article linked above, many other people have found ways to manage CFS using dietary changes or other methods such as removing heavy metals from the body. But graded exercise therapy is actually one of the recognized therapies by the mainstream medical establishment (I didn't know that when I started exercising, I just figured it out on my own). The other possible treatments, such as strict diets, etc., are not universally used - and even the CDC says that diet is not the cause of CFS.

Of course, improving diet is always helpful for anyone, regardless of illness.

At any rate, continue with the acupuncture on a consistent basis and try adding some gentle yoga to the mix, a few times per week. Let me know if you feel any improvement in three months.

Don't give up - it can get better.

Take care,

Disclaimer: Of course, none of my commentary is intended as medical advice. It is simply my experience as a fellow CFS sufferer.