Positive Thought and Energy vs. Law of Attraction

  • Posted on: 13 March 2007
  • By: mokshalom

I have been having lots of discussions lately with folks about The Secret and the Law of Attraction. I believe quite a few people think The Secret has the "answer" because they've tried the positive thinking portion of it, and that works.

Of course positive thinking works (though, not for the reasons the film states). But that doesn't mean you've attracted everything in your life, 100%, as the Law of Attraction states.

I do not believe in the Law of Attraction. To me, the world is a co-creation and it is absolutely impossible for any one person to "attract" every single little thing into their lives based on their own vibrations, as if no-one else existed or had input.

Our entire culture is the sum of all that has come before us. I would not be typing this right now if not for the collective effort of many, many people. Our language has evolved over centuries, with new words entered into the lexicon from wars and invasions.

Did you invent the computer you type on? No, you did not. So how can you possibly believe that you "attract" everything when half the stuff around you would not exist were it not for other people? Do you honestly believe that the entire course of human history was created just to have you sitting here, in this moment, doing what you are doing?

That said:

Positive thinking and positive energy is VERY POWERFUL and can affect your life in many ways:

1. You will be healthier (proven by science)
2. You will respond better to things

Furthermore, since I do believe we are all connected and somewhat telepathic, yes, to a certain extent other people can respond to (or be "attracted by") your thoughts or energies, which is why we have synchronicities sometimes.

But a person who is telepathically "attracted" has nothing to do with the positive space you are or are not in. Have you ever been down and had a friend call you out of the blue and cheer you up? That friend telepathically knew you needed help and called you.

So the entire basis of the Law of Attraction is absolutely wrong, in my opinion.

The only thing it gets right is the fact that thinking positively helps you take better action and thus you will get better results in your life.

Now, someone asked me about energy healing and what happens if a person is raped. Does a person "attract" a rape to themselves?

No, however, sometimes, if your energy is down and you are not "strong" then you will be more VULNERABLE to rape. What I mean by this is that it is well-known that attackers often look around to find the woman who looks like she's less likely to put up a fight. Does that mean she "created" the rape? No way. It just means that evil people try to find the weakest people to prey on (which is why children are so often and so sadly targets of molesters).

And even so, there is no guarantee that positive energy can protect you from rape. It will help you be more resilient and respond to it better. It might even mean, if you are in touch with your intuition more, that you will hear the little voice in your head telling you not to turn down that street this evening.

But it is no guarantee.

Where energy healing comes into play is that once the trauma has occurred, energy healing can remove the stuck and painful energy that has built up from the trauma.

You will feel better, and not be hampered or stuck as much by the pain that might be causing fear and hesitancy in your life.

Absolutely, the better you feel and the more positive outlook, the better you will be able to create positive things in your life and "manifest" what you want.

Does this mean that everything in life was solely "attracted" by your energy? No way.

For some, this may seem like a subtle difference, but it's not. It's a huge difference in philosophy.


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