Barack Obama: It's the Energy, Stupid

  • Posted on: 30 May 2008
  • By: mokshalom

Pardon the politics again...but this is worth speaking up about. I'm talking about the idea out there among some liberal spiritual people that Obama is somehow more "spiritually evolved" than other candidates. Well, as a spiritual person, I have to take exception to this. Let me tell you why.

I'm an intuitive person who also happens to be very practical. I don't buy into hype very easily. I'm not the kind of person who joins an organization or movement and gets all excited and thinks it's the answer to my prayers. This is why I don't do well at multi-level marketing, why I would never enthusiastically join the Landmark Education movement, and why I didn't get all jazzed up over The Secret.

I like to think that my innate skepticism protects me from getting sucked into the cult. And that's a good thing. I'm an independent thinker. And I think part of the problem with our country (and in particular, the new age movement that I am a part of) is that we're too ready to give up our critical mind and power to a glowing guru who promises to solve all our problems.

Enter Obama, who on the surface looks like the answer to all our liberal prayers, who says he's all about love and light, but who in reality is just another corrupt politician. I felt something was "off" about him as early as January of this year. My intuitive radar was going "Warning, warning, danger, Will Robinson!" Obama just didn't seem sincere to me. He actually seemed downright cold.

This is what I picked up from his energy. I don't care what he says - people can say a lot of stuff, but that doesn't necessarily reflect what is in their hearts. And I just knew, energetically speaking, that Obama was not coming from a place of love or kindness.

I made the observation in a blog post about a month ago that Obama would fail in a general election, because he and his supporters were expressing negative energy in the campaign. (This, despite painting Clinton as the negative campaigner. Don't get me wrong, the Clintons can get negative, but Obama does it just as much, just in a more passive aggressive way that is harder to pinpoint.) Well, surprise surprise, since my "prediction," a huge groundswell of Democrats has arisen to start a movement against Obama. Live by the sword, die by the sword. (Now that, Sharon Stone, is real karma.)

And now, a very damning video has come out of Obama's church. It is from a white preacher, Rev. Pfleger, who spews hatred against whites (and women). When I saw the video, I was absolutely shocked. You can watch it for yourself here:

Now where on earth is the love and light in that rant? Substitute "white" for "black" in this sort of rhetoric, and you have something out of the KKK handbook. It is horrifying.

This preacher, by the way, happens to have been listed as one of Obama's spiritual advisers (but has now been taken off of Obama's website). Obama also earmarked hundreds of thousands of dollars to this preacher's pet projects when Obama was in Indiana. Obama cannot now claim that this man does not speak for him.

I can only imagine that this is the tip of a very deep iceberg. And I have to ask, nicely, for all the spiritual liberals out there, to open your eyes and stop putting Obama up on a pedestal just because he says what you want to hear.

I can't tell you how many people in my circle have said things like, "Obama is more spiritually evolved," or, "Obama is going to tranform the country" or "Obama, sadly, would transform the country, but can't due to people being racist."

As someone who has never been a supporter of Obama, I get personally offended that I'm automatically being labeled a racist just because I don't like him. No, I just don't like him. I don't care if he's black, white, blue, or green. When I tap into his energy, that is, his spirit underneath his body, I don't like the feeling I get. And I never have.

Contrast this with the Clintons, who despite all odds, have maintained a loving family even in the face of a humiliating public display of cheating on Bill's part. When I see Bill and Hillary and Chelsea onstage together, I can feel the unconditional love these three have for each other radiating out like a beacon. How can people not feel that? It's so obvious to me.

So based on energy alone, I have to go with Clinton over Obama.

But I'm concerned that well-meaning people, people I care about, seem to think that Obama is "The One" based on his rousing speeches. Please. Look deeper. Much like I felt Rhonda Byrne warped spiritual principles for her own gain in The Secret, and set us off on a dangerous path of spiritual materialism, I now feel the spiritual push for Obama is going to set us off on a dangerous path of political manipulation by bad people who aren't really on the side of light.

Charismatic people may look good on the surface, but what are they really about underneath? I think Obama's church gives you some indication that he's more about anger and hate than love and forgiveness.


That video is terrifying. If that is not any indication of how deeply psychotic and off-base this entire Obama thing is, one need only watch this video to see that his camp is filled with screaming radical misogynists who are playing on racial hatred, floating the racial ticket, characterizing Obama as this African-American superman who has come in to save America from the white bitch.

Article after article that I read written by men has them backing Obama not based on his being African-American certainly - based on him being a MAN. Because for the men in this country, even a black man is better than a freakin' woman. Ain't no freakin' woman gonna run my country they think.

And the women - well most of them will go along with what the men say because women in this country will rarely say shit if they have a mouth full. They're so damned desperate just to keep their men they'll go along with anything.

That video is filled with such vile hatred and rage. Even the audience didn't seem to respond to it that well. All these shadowy secrets surround Obama but no ones looking because they don't care. As long as it's a man running the country, right?

It's interesting--The vibe or the energy I get from Obama is one of the main reasons I support him. I don't have delusions of him being a miracle worker. But I get a very good vibe from him undernearth. While the Clintons--I like Hillary's position on many issues--The vibe I get is of a person who cares more about their own ambition than anything else on the planet.

Your reasons for not liking the Clinton energy are based on negative talking points put forward by the it really true that they are all about ambition, or are you just projecting that because so many of their opponents have said it for so long? If we are going to look at energy, we need to look objectively and without the filter of media talking points on either candidate.

I think Obama excels at making people "feel good" at least in the heat of the moment during a speech, but as you can see from the video above, just about anyone can get people riled up during a speech if they use the right inflection. But based on my read of his actual energy (chakras, etc.), he's not what he claims to be.

Hillary Clinton does not have "clean" energy either (she would not pass for a spiritual guru with her chakras in the state they are in) but she's still energetically better than Obama from my reading of it, by far. Obama, from my read, has the chakras of a very deeply angry person, whereas Hillary has the chakras of someone who is stressed and perhaps slightly angry, but they are much more open and healthy than his are.

Well, now that we have a choice between Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin, and not Barack and Hillary, what's your comparison of Obama vs. McCain energy?

I did a reading of McCain's energy back in June, and gave him high marks for positive energy across the board and a wide-open heart chakra:

I just checked McCain again and he's still strong across the board but his energy is slightly weaker than in June; probably the toll the campaign is taking on him.

Obama's chakras are still blocked and erratic, with a lot of negative energy coursing through them.

I realize this is an unpopular opinion among many "new age" people, but based on my readings I will continue to stand by my feeling that Obama is extremely bad news and McCain is the right person to lead the country at this time.

Obama appears power hungry to me. McCain seems to be sincere about wanting to serve his country. While I actually agree with Obama more on certain issues (the environment, mostly), I am extremely concerned by the negative energy he has and how his supporters have been behaving this campaign season (many seem like they are in a cult-like trance).

A former friend of mine. a friend of 10+ years, flipped out when I told him I actually liked Sarah Palin. He told me he is not friends with any Republicans, that it was appalling and disgusting that I would support a female candidate for being female (actually, while Palin does inspire me, it's ultimately about the energy for me). First off, I am not a Republican, and when it comes to "appalling," I think having a rule that you absolutely cannot be friends with someone from the opposing political party just about takes the cake. I feel my former friend is being very bigoted and judgmental against all Republicans. Not all Republicans are bad. So I found out that someone I thought was open-minded, caring, and tolerant was actually close-minded, intolerant, and downright mean. It was pretty shocking, actually.

I am no fan of Bush, but I do not judge all Republicans by a few bad seeds. Nor do I presume that just because someone identifies as a Democrat, they must automatically be a good, sincere person. In order for America to fix its problems, we must get past blanket partisan judgments. Judge the individual by whether their words match their deeds, their records, yes, their associations, and, of course, their energy. Party affiliation should not be the only reason to vote for or against someone.

I believe there are bad eggs on both the right and left sides of the political spectrum. I guess you can call me a moderate, then.

What gives you the power to read these candidates' energies, more than your blog-readers?

A poster here mentioned that his/her reading of the energy was opposite to yours, and all you could say was that he/she must be swayed by external factors. But what is you proof of that?

How can yo quantify your ability to read energy so that others can read it as well, and thus these kinda of disagreements won't ome up between two people who both say they are reading energy.

As it stands now it amounts to "I am reading the TRUE energy" -->
no your not!" --> yes I am!" --> repeat

All the Best

The simple answer to your question is that I am a professional "energy reader" and most of my blog readers are not. People pay me to read their energy. I also used to work for a psychic hotline, which is not something I advertise a lot because there can be a stigma to it, but I have to tell you - that company screened and tested me to make sure I was good and not just making stuff up. I've done enough energy readings on people, and had my readings verified by them, that I feel my energy readings are accurate.

In the case of the guy who said here he felt Obama's energy was "positive" - he was not actually doing a formal read of Obama's energy. He was commenting on how Obama made him feel.

How someone makes you "feel" and what a person's underlying energy actually is are two different things.

Obama can make you "feel good" using rhetoric, NLP techniques, and emotionalism created through big events and rallies that have a lot of excited people at them. This does not mean Obama is a good man at heart. As I've said before (and no, I am not saying Obama is a Hitler), Hitler also made people "feel good" with lofty rhetoric and large rallies.

As a professional energy healer and intuitive I have the ability to look at people's chakras and underlying spiritual energy. Most people have not spent the time and study I have on energy reading. There is also a certain "talent" to it as well. Therefore, I can say that for the most part, I would probably be more "qualified" to read a candidate's energy than the average Joe who does not do that for a living.