Sorry, But Obama is Not a Lightworker

  • Posted on: 6 June 2008
  • By: mokshalom

Here's another follow up to my recent energy readings on the presidential candidates. I saw an article in the San Francisco Chronicle came out asking "Is Obama an enlightened being?" and I wanted to respond. From the article:

Here's where it gets gooey. Many spiritually advanced people I know (not coweringly religious, mind you, but deeply spiritual) identify Obama as a Lightworker, that rare kind of attuned being who has the ability to lead us not merely to new foreign policies or health care plans or whatnot, but who can actually help usher in a new way of being on the planet, of relating and connecting and engaging with this bizarre earthly experiment. These kinds of people actually help us evolve. They are philosophers and peacemakers of a very high order, and they speak not just to reason or emotion, but to the soul.

Unfortunately, based on my energy readings of Obama (see previous blog posts), Obama is not a lightworker. If anything (as I posted in my comment to the author), Obama is a "darkworker" if there was an actual term for it.

I first heard this from a healer I respect, who predicted to me back in January of this year that Obama was going to perform a "fait accompli" or a "done deal" in his bid for the presidency. That he was just going to take something and make it his, even though maybe it really wasn't. When I started seeing "fait accompli" mentioned frequently online in relation to Obama's announcing his win of the nomination, I was pretty stunned. She was right...

So if Obama is not one of the good guys, how could that possibly be, when he makes so many people feel so good?

Well, actually, I think that's actually your first clue that he is a bad guy. Good people aren't often the most charismatic. They are often the ones hiding in the corner, doing the good deeds you never see or hear about. They are humble, they are often invisible. Lightworkers, in particular, from everything I've heard about them, generally don't get involved in politics, generally lay low, don't get famous, and do their work semi-anonymously. (Um, I've been told I'm a lightworker...I have no interest in fame or power...we're really off the grid in many ways.)

Now, don't get me wrong. We have some famous lightworkers out there, notably the Dalai Lama. But a charismatic politician is much more likely to turn into a dictator than a savior. Just look at history.

So I think the reason why some people think Obama has good energy is that they are mistaking his radiant body (i.e., his charismatic energy) with his actual spirit energy. Just because he radiates charisma does not mean he's from the light, though, and that's important to remember.

A person can have a very strong radiant body, an energy field that is magnetic and charismatic, and then use that energy for evil. A very good example of this is the handsome, charming serial killer Ted Bundy. I would bet you that his female victims would have sworn up and down that he was never capable of doing what he did.

I think the main clue that Obama is not a lightworker is the very fact that the Democratic party is now splitting due to his campaign. If he were a lightworker, Hillary Clinton supporters would not be so angry. They would be behind him without complaint.

With all this in mind, it's important to be very cautious when a charismatic leader comes around. Remember to distinguish charismatic energy from spiritual goodness. The two are not the same.


Here's an interesting comment about that article from a discussion here at


OK that’s it. The bottom of the pit of American insanity has surfaced at last.
I have been a spiritual teacher and guide. as well as a personal development trainer and therapist for thirty years. I have conducted workshops around the country, including in San Francisco.

With disillusionment in religion growing in recent decades, growing numbers of people have sought out alternative approaches to spirituality v. religion. This, of course, can be a good thing. However, like organized religion it can become highly distorted. Novice soul searchers and dilettantes can be easily confused and misled. Even those sincere in emphasis on spiritual (over material) tend to be uninformed about the state of the world, and avoid the actuality around them.

As a “Light Worker” who has dedicated my life to the field of “inner development” I have a commitment to Unity in Human Brotherhood and am repulsed by war, hate,etc. At the same time, I maintain awareness of the state of our world. The truest and highest levels of Light relate to self-responsibility and a commitment to the greater good.

Obama demonstrates neither of these characteristics at all. Whatsoever. He is the least ‘transcendent’ of leaders to approach the world stage in our era. If any take interest in this subject, a genuinely enlightened man, David Hawkins, has formulated a system for the recognition of different wave lengths of consciousness. His book “Power vs. Force” explains that humanity, at this point, is a collective of beings at very different levels of spiritual evolution.

Lightworkers generate power which is inclusive and uplifting, a “high vibrational energy field”. This is what the author, above, is addressing. However, he goes completely off the deep end of either naivete or deception, in the conclusions he draws. Hillary Clinton carries a very high vibration, ie, she has mental mastery and a genuine love for humanity. That is her power of attraction.

The attractor field of obama is of a very low, unevolved vibration. That is why he is affiliated with dark, negative, hateful associates and endorsements. Like attracts like. Contrary to the false, misleading description of him above, obama has the charsima that is force-ful, no matter how well he cloaks it - he literally feeds off the energy of those around him, akin to a spiritual vampire. He degrades the energy around him because he sucks it all in to falsely empower himself. Hillary does the opposite. You can read Hawkins chapter of “Political Power” where he compares the 2 types and quickly get the real picture - which obviously this author has not.

There have been various astute categorizations of his followers which correspond to this- fear, intimidation, manipulation can temporarily attract ‘like others”. This is how obama initially succeeded in attracting young people - who feel lost and get emotionally, not spiritually at all, excited by his visionary language. They’d like to believe someone will come along to save us from ourselves. Just as his AA & radicals would like to use hate and resentment to get a free ride and project their rage. obama knows this and he uses it.

Islamic terrorists have the lowest vibration on the planet currently. They believe in control, killing, destruction and violence. obama is aligned with them, whether the American people see that or not. obama uses people to accrue personal power, an unevolved viewpoint, but one that can successfully “feed itself” on the fears and egos of others. This is why his supporters act as they do- vile obscenities, snide hollow arguments and all. They are very unevolved and literally use less brain capacity. One notch up only is the TV hypnotized mainstream of America. MSM is one notch up from that, having a bit of intelligence but still dreadfully misusing it - to manipulate for their own ends.

People don’t need to ‘know” all this to sense it, like we do here with the trolls. Like we see in the force-driven corrupt DNC leadership. It is why we look around and say this all looks insane. Because it is.

There is nothing more insane than to equate obama with a “Lightworker.” He is the opposite - he is a Master of Denial and a mass scale energy manipulator. He is a false Messiah figure and, if you want to really look deeply, you will find that his name is very similar to that given by Nostradomus as the anti-Christ. People don’t want to see this because they are very afraid.

I know this comment was very long. But having him called the opposite of what he is was just too much.


Phew! Thank you for helping to counter the hype that will only continue the status quobama. It's reassuring to hear from folks tuned in to the spiritual realm, who can see that he is not the potential messiah many wish him to be.

Even without assessing his spiritual nature, a critical look at his action versus words is enough to indicate what little substantial change people can expect from him. Here is one detailed examination of his recent complacent political record:

Great blog.

I am a practicing Buddhist and a firm believer of spirituality. I am so glad to see that not all spiritual people have fallen for this charlatan. Not too long ago, I got into a mini-argument with a fellow Buddhist who was convinced that Obama will be the catalyst for a spiritual awakening in this country. I tried to argue that he was a false prophet, but she refused to listen to me. In fact, she claimed that I needed to let go of my "fears" and view him with open eyes. What she didn't realise was that I distrust him because I opened my eyes and listened to that little voice of caution. Being a Buddhist does not mean dismissing your instincts, something I think my Buddhist friend fails to understand.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. I look at Obama and I see a dark, troubled soul concealed under a charming exterior. On the other hand, I look at McCain and I see someone who has sought redemption for his past mistakes (I don't know....I just have a feeling that McCain is a reformed individual). I'll admit that I was wary of McCain due to the floating rumors of his alleged bigotry (I should have known better than to trust any race-baiting medium). After really assessing him, I realised that McCain was not a horrible person. Granted, I do not agree with all of his views, but I have no doubt that he will perform to the best of his ability.

Sorry for the essay, but I feel so happy to know that there are other spiritual people who understand the real deal :).

Thank you.
I also am a light worker and have been amazed by how people seem to follow and believe everything Obama says. I have felt all along that there is something dark about him. I believe he is false in many ways. What is amazing to me is that I even see many of the more "enlightened" individuals falling prey to this. I can tell. I wonder, "Why can't they?" I truly don't understand.