Energy Reading: Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden

  • Posted on: 30 August 2008
  • By: mokshalom

I used to look at things like elections in black or white terms based on dualistic thinking and "what side" the candidate was on. This election, I have learned to go beyond the simplistic thinking of Republican vs. Democrat and look at the whole person.

I'll be voting this year primarily on energy, which is a California "woo-woo" way of saying, I'm voting on which team is the most spiritually clear and appears to have the best interests of America at heart.

As I've said in past posts here, McCain has already beat Obama in the energy game: McCain's chakras are strong and healthy, with a wide open heart chakra. Obama's energy can only be described in one word: Ick. Remember: Hitler gave good speeches too; charisma does not necessarily indicate a good soul.

So let's look at Palin and Biden. When I saw Palin's speech on Friday, I was pleasantly surprised and instantly liked her. She exuded sincerity and warmth (something I think Obama falls way short on). But do her chakras match her outer persona?

From my distant reading, it appears that Sarah Palin's chakras are mostly healthy and strong, except that her first chakra is running a little weak right now. This could be the shock of being thrust onto the national stage so quickly. It could also be an effect of having birthed a child so recently. The most important thing to note, however, is her heart chakra, which, like McCain's, is wide open and happy.

This indicates a sincere person who is loving and cares about people.

(I should also note, since I was a Hillary supporter, that Palin's energy is much brighter and stronger than Hillary's, and my intuitive sense is that Palin is going to end up being an extremely popular woman in national politics in the way that Clinton could not be. I suspect that Palin may become our first woman president some day. We shall see. )

What about Joe Biden? Joe Biden, a career politician who doesn't have much going for him outwardly in the touchy-feely department, unfortunately matches more of Obama's negative energy, with a lot of angry energy warping his chakras.

I would actually say that Biden is still more open and healthier than Obama energy-wise, but the big concern here are Biden's first two chakras, which exhibit a distorted energy pattern that reminds me of patterns I've seen in addicts and alcoholics. (It does not mean Biden is a substance abuser, but that he exhibits the energy pattern of someone who tends towards addiction.)

Now, I am not a fan of Palin's social conservatism, but based on the combined energy of the Republican ticket, I would have to say that McCain/Palin would be better servants for America, despite their Republican connection to the past administration.

And I say this as a registered Democrat.


Thank you for confirming how I have felt about Obama's energy since I first heard about him. You are right on with all you have said about all four of the candidates. I too am a registered Democrat and was for Hillary. I think I just might vote McCain/Palin as well. I guess it's time to put personal values aside and vote for, as you said, the better servants for America.

I honestly don't mean to be a jerk, but do you really feel that's the best way to evaluate the candidates based on the current state of the country?

That aside, how do you come to the conclusion that McCain and Palin have the most positive energy and are the most spiritually clean? Your other posts say you did a "reading", but I wonder if you could provide more explanation for why you feel this way.

Here's a little of my argument:

John McCain has a reputation of being racist, sexist, and homophobic.

He also divorced his wife after she was disfigured in a car accident to "play the field."

Sarah Palin likes to hunt defenseless wolves from planes.

The story of Barack and Michelle Obama leads me to argue that you should be voting for Obama if you based your decision on their chakra. AND look at the things they've done with their lives.

I'm sorry, but do you think your "readings" may be influenced by the subconscious racism inherent in society (Darkworker???)?

Or possibly you watch a lot of mainstream news or political ads or listen to right wing talk radio and have internalized some of the attacks against Obama. Because your reading follows the EXACT storyline the RNC has laid out against Obama and for McCain (fear the charasmatic speaker, maybe he's a ter'rist in disguise, he's in it for himself etc., etc., etc.). I mean, you actually mention Hitler in the same sentence as Obama. And of course, McCain "is acting out of selfless service." Country first! And he's a patriot who is just "being fiercely protective of his country." Never mind anything he's said or done to the contrary.

Or maybe you aren't being completely honest about your political leanings.

I just think this is WAY too important of an election to throw out such blanket statements about the political candidates without a reasonable argument to support them.

I await your response.

"Or maybe you aren't being completely honest about your political leanings."

I am, in fact, a registered Democrat who has never voted for a Republican in a presidential race.

The comments you make trying to prove McCain is a bad guy are based on smears that aren't substantiated by any facts. This meme going around about how McCain is a sexist based on leaving his wife over 30 years ago is downright mean and vicious. It's frankly none of my business; his ex-wife is a supporter and Cindy McCain is a tremendous humanitarian. People get divorced for a variety of reasons and to assume the worst in that situation is certainly not charitable or spiritual of you. (The Daily Mail, by the way, is a British rag and as such any stories in there should be considered of the tabloid variety.)

As for Palin "shooting wolves out of airplanes." I've read both sides of this argument and feel that there was a reasonable argument to justify controlling the wolf population based on the needs of the natives to have caribou to hunt for food.

Palin grew up hunting with her father. Based on her spiritual beliefs (Christians believe that animals are under the dominion of man) she is not doing anything wrong. I am not a vegetarian and have no problem with people hunting animals for food. You may not think that's spiritual of me, but I personally believe that's the "circle of life" in action. (Animals eat animals in the wild. It's a fact of life.)

To presume someone is evil simply because they are a hunter is to be extremely judgmental and close-minded.

That you would read racism into the term "darkworker" as the opposite of the very popular new age term "lightworker" is absolutely ridiculous. If that's racist, then I guess all those people calling new agers "lightworkers" are prejudiced towards people with lighter skin.

Light vs. dark is the spiritual dichotomy - if you are reading race into that, it says more about you than it does me, frankly.

But the bottom line is this: It is clear from reading your message that you have bought into partisan smear and fearmongering against McCain and Palin. You are not open whatsoever to the idea that they might actually be good people. When you charge me with having a political bias, I would ask you about yours. Because I, as a registered, lifelong Democrat, have absolutely no need or interest in promoting the Republican party. I am, however, over partisanship. In evaluating the candidates as human beings and not as Democrats or Republicans, I am firmly convinced that McCain is sincere and Obama is not.

I certainly could be wrong, but I have yet to get a kind loving response from an Obama supporter regarding this blog post to convince me that Obama is spreading light and joy around the planet. Mostly, I've had people call me "stupid" and other nasty terms (not directly here but in blogs referencing this post). In all cases, these people will praise Obama on the one hand, and say horrible, awful things about McCain in the other.

It is that type of rabid, unquestioning support of Obama that makes a lot of people compare him to Hitler - not because Obama is trying to start a holocaust, but because his supporters are precisely so cult-like in their unwillingness to acknowledge that the man is a mere human being with flaws like the rest of us.

I have had friends stop speaking to me over Obama - this is not the energy of a man who brings out the best in people. The Democratic party is split asunder, people across the country are polarized, and I do not see the promised "unity" coming out of this election. If Obama truly were a lightworker, the energy in the country would not be so negative and polarized right now.