Bristol Palin's Mono

  • Posted on: 3 September 2008
  • By: mokshalom

As a woman, I have been absolutely shocked and dismayed at how Democrats have been responding to Sarah Palin. Hammer her on her pro-life stance if you will, but to go on and on about Palin's newborn child and insinuate that it was her daughter's is beyond tabloid - it's absolutely crazy!

I guess it's true that we often become that which we hate.

What really got me yesterday was when I read a comment in an article mocking the idea that Bristol Palin could have been out of school five months with mono.

I got mono when I was 17, Bristol Palin's age. The mono is what triggereed my chronic fatigue syndrome. I had to drop out of band camp when the mono hit. Then, it ruined my senior year of high school. I dropped out of the high school musical, I didn't perform in my yearly saxophone competition, and I had health problems my entire senior year.

When I went to college, I got mono again, which doctors told me at the time was unheard of. I had to leave college for a month to recuperate.

Years later, at 23, I went on full disability for chronic fatigue syndrome, all as a result of that mononucleosis I got at 17.

It is sad to me when people are trashing teenage children of candidates for political gain. Nobody has any business prying into Bristol Palin's private life. Her mono could have indeed kept her in bed for five months. Yes, it can get that bad.

Let's hope these crazy nutters will move on from that story and find somebody else to pick on.


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