"Palin Derangement Syndrome" and Partisan Fearmongering

  • Posted on: 14 September 2008
  • By: mokshalom

As I've expressed recently here on my blog, I have been horrified at the personal attacks against Sarah Palin and her children. One of the worst recently came from a Huffington Post writer, who claimed he wanted to have sex with Palin on Barack Obama bedsheets while his wife looked on and read the Constitution. (The last I checked, the Constitution did not support the rape of an opposing party's political candidate.)

In observing this election, I have noticed that what is usually "my side" (i.e. Democrats) have turned into the vicious, swiftboating negative haters that the Republicans were in the 1990s. This sort of left-wing swiftboating started during the primaries against Hillary and it's being used against Palin right now. The hysteria against Palin has reached epic levels. In fact, it's now got a name. It's called "Palin Derangement Syndrome" or PDS.

With that negativity increasing, my prediction of April appears to be coming true, in which I said that Obama would ultimately fail, due to the hatred and negativity coming from his supporters. I wrote the following:

And here's the problem: Obama claims to be about change and not about politics as usual. Yet, his comments and those of many of his supporters suggest an elitist attitude against the average American. When Obama wins, it's a sign that Americans have woken up (remember what Obama's wife said about finally having hope in America now thanks to his successful candidacy), but when he fails, it is due to the stupidity of uneducated Americans who are religious out of fear, racist because they are old, and brainwashed by the media.

Ironically, his angry supporters are expressing the very hatred that they charge against others. Obama himself negated his populist message when he insinuated that Americans have to cling to religion because they don't have anything better to do with their negative emotions.

You cannot win an election on superiority and arrogance, however. You can't insult the very people you want to vote your way, and then expect that they will come to their senses thanks to your insults.

And indeed, the more the left tries to take out Palin, the greater the backlash becomes. Palin is now swinging the tide of the election towards McCain, despite the efforts to derail her. At this point, I would not be surprised if McCain wins by a landslide, with one of the main reasons being the rabid, almost embarrassing hatred coming out of the left right now. This is the kind of hatred that would allow a major leftist website to publish a rape fantasy about a candidate. (I'm still stunned myself.)

It took the hatred on the side of the left to wake me up this year and look at how I might have been negatively judging people simply based on their political party. This is what you might term "political bigotry." In reading the energy of the candidates, I've discovered that it's wrong to judge a candidate by their political party or religious views. It's far better to look at their character and energy.

Of course, campaigns are run through negative marketing. Generally, this marketing works well, but at some point it crosses a line.

I've written a longer article on this type of fear-based campaigning, titled "A Spiritual Take on Partisan Political Fearmongering."

Comments are welcome, but I will not publish smears or unsubstantiated charges against candidates from either party.