A Free Online Healing Mandala

  • Posted on: 16 September 2008
  • By: mokshalom

I don't remember how I first found this page some time ago, but I go to it once in a while for a pick me up. Don't ask me how it works - is it a placebo effect or something more? You decide. From the website:

The moving Mandala is a visual representation of Earth's newly evolving energy grid that Gordon-Michael Scallion is able to see clairvoyantly. It is also a symbolic representation of Earth's new evolutionary path as well as our own spiritual evolution. He originally created the Mandala visual and produced the audio track with special sounds and rhythms to enhance his altered states of consciousness but found it also worked for calming the mind, making decisions, and healing. It seems to attune us to the higher energies now hitting the planet. If you ever find yourself feeling disconnected, need to make a decision, or need some healing energy, visit the page. It is a free service to all visitors. It only takes 30 seconds or so but it really works based on your mail.

You can access the healing mandala at this link.