Healer, Heal Thyself

  • Posted on: 9 March 2009
  • By: mokshalom

I recently met a woman who is as sweet as can be on the outside but is a broiling cauldron of seething resentment and anger on the inside. (Whereas, I'd like to somewhat facetiously say, when I'm ticked off I usually just wear it proudly on my sleeve...a good justification for that quick Aries temper!)

Her emotional blockages show up in the form of over 100 extra pounds on her frame. (And look, I know we have a weightism problem in this country, but the fact is, most people who carry lots of extra weight do so for emotional reasons, and they'd be the first to tell you that.) She's also trying to become a yoga teacher, and is mostly oblivious to the disconnect between the shoddy way she treats her body and what she says she wants to teach others.

She's so obsessed with the idea of finding her soulmate that she has a somewhat frightening suicidal idea that, without this mythological man, she might as well be dead. She's clearly depressed.

Upon hearing this, I suggested to her that she needed to start getting some help. Go see a professional.

"I don't want to see a therapist," she says.

"You don't have to, find good, professional healer. Go see an acupuncturist. I know of free clinics in the area."

She refuses to get help. Any help at all.

Here's the rub: She is a Reiki Master and calls herself a professional healer.

This just blew my mind! How could a professional healer refuse to get healing from another person for a clear-cut case of depression? (Heck, most people would recommending she rush to a therapist, considering she's bordering on the suicidal based on her statements.)

Here's the thing. I don't ever suggest that healers need to be perfect. But you should be working on yourself. Otherwise, you have absolutely no business healing other people.

I've been getting healing for over 10 years now. I regularly get support and help from professionals and other healers, whether it's through healing clinics, coaches, or spiritual teachers.

Getting a Reiki Master certification in one weekend is not enough!

I'm sorry, but Reiki energy is simply not strong enough to blow out all your issues in a few attunements.

Regular, consistent, persistent and thoughtful healing is required.

After 10+ years I still have a lot of issues to work through. Personal growth is very hard. It is especially difficult when we have to confront things we don't like about ourselves.

The problem with the new age, however, is that people want to ignore those uncomfortable feelings and cover it up with blanket statements about "love and light."

Spiritual growth is hard work. But it is rewarding work. And if we are to be positive forces in the world, we healers need to start first by healing ourselves. No, we don't have to be perfect (I'm far from it), but we should at least be genuinely trying.