Reiki Criticisms

Since it seems to be common for people upset with my Amma criticism to immediately attack my association with Reiki, here's where I'm putting all the anti-Reiki comments and my subsequent remarks. Please note, I may be blunt and direct in my rebuttals! Just because I do Reiki doesn't mean I'm not opinionated about it! :-)

The beginning of this thread was started over on the "Amma" blog post and moved here since it got way off-topic. Yes, I can be a very feisty Reiki "Mama Bear" when people try to put down of the most gentle, benign forms of healing on the planet. Is Reiki the only answer? Of course not! But if you come on my website and try to put down what I'm sharing with comments like "Reiki is for beginners" then please don't be surprised if this Reiki Mama Bear responds to protect her Reiki Cubs!

(Just because I'm spiritual doesn't mean I'm a doormat!)

A few points I'd like to share on Reiki in general as a preface to this thread:

1. Reiki is very gentle, benign, and harmless (the pure form of Reiki).
2. Reiki can supplement all other healing and spiritual systems.
3. There are other forms of healing that are more powerful than Reiki, but are also a bit more "dangerous" (more likelihood of screwing things up).
4. Reiki only enhances what you are already doing, it does not subtract.
5. There should never be any reason to de-attune yourself to Reiki.

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Depending on how you want to look at it – you could say there are three types of energy. One type is the air energy, which is called chi, ki, orgone or prana. There are many names for it, but these all refer to the same type of energy, the ambient life energy that things are made of. Chi is used a lot in martial arts, and in different forms of meditation, magic and healing, such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Rei-ki. Chi can be increased by these disciplines as well as other types of breathing and visualizations. The more chi you have, the healthier you will be. Chi is carried by the wind, and that is why a breeze can feel so invigorating. There is more chi in a forest or on a mountaintop and that is why it feels so good to be there.

Chi energy is not intelligent, it needs to be directed. Any Martial arts Master can show you a good example of what Chi can do. He or she can build up their Chi and focus it to break a ton of ice with their forehead, or shatter a stone with their hand. Feats that would be impossible to do, with muscular strength alone.

Reiki, essentially is ki that is governed by symbols directing it. Reiki is Chi/Ki energy that has been given purpose and direction by the use of symbols and intentions. To channel Reiki one must be initiated. Symbols and intentions are imprinted within the channeler that to direct the chi to empower and heal. But people do not need symbols to channel chi, as therapeutic touch is also chi, but without symbols. There are no symbols in tai chi or chi gong.

Reiki can be useful for beginners on the spiritual path, but the intentions behind the symbols contain a lot of duality-based ideas that must be eventually transcended.

I am/was a Reiki Master, but I had the Reiki symbols removed from my chakras when I outgrew them. They showed up during a self cleansing meditation one day, as something to be removed. Meditating on them more deeply, I came to understand that the symbols have become tainted with a lot of human judgments about what is good and what is bad. "Good intentions" (road to hell) that work fine in duality-space, but in nonduality become a limitation on ascension.
As a Reiki initiation is intended to be permanent, usually getting the symbols removed takes assistance from someone outside of yourself. I have spent far too much time removing symbols from past or current life initiations that became an outdated liability, to be interested in implanting any sort of new symbols into people.

But "anything you believe in, will work". The rituals and popularity of Reiki give folks faith, in their ability to share energy . . . and Goddess provides.

Kundalini/Shakti and Chi are different things – altogether. Shakti is very different, because you cannot tell Shakti what to do. The Shakti has its own cosmic intelligence that is infinitely wiser than any human being. It takes whatever form is needed by the recipient.

When the Shakti is active, it reduces the need for emotional release. Usually with karma releasing as a result of the Kundalini process, the content of the karma flows out the head, and in the process it passes through the other chakras, the throat and the mind where it is felt as fears, emotions and memories. Kali Ma – as the avatar/deity of fear and destruction - is often made conscious at these times. Sounds like you've recently seen that dimension of reality.

When Chi and Shakti energy are very abundant, radiant from a purified body, the result is what we call "Grace". Grace is an effortless synchronicity and bliss that comes from being the vessel of Divine Spiritual energy.

May Grace surround you!

"Reiki can be useful for beginners on the spiritual path, but the intentions behind the symbols contain a lot of duality-based ideas that must be eventually transcended."

Anonymous1, I've recently turned off Anonymous comments here because you ALONE have come here to post comments at least 10+ times in the past two days (this includes comments you saved and tried to repost because I hadn't gotten around to approving them yet). I am going through and marking which comments are yours (evidenced by the "1" after the Anonymous) so people are aware that it's just YOU posting here over and over again trying to support Amma. You're pretty much the only one, and apparently rather determined.

That you would say "Reiki is useful for beginners but now I've transcended duality" IS duality. YOU are expressing DUALITY with your "spiritual superiority" as evidenced here. Furthermore, you don't need to remove the Reiki symbols from the aura - they are NOT the energy, they just activate it...they are training wheels...any serious Reiki Master knows that. So you've totally gotten it all wrong.

Meanwhile, in your quest for non-duality, you are here on this website day after day trying to convince us why Amma is not bad and how you are so much wiser for going to see her time and again.

If you want to continue to post here, you'll need to back it up with at least a choice of username but ideally, if you are thaaat much wiser than the rest of us, put your money where your mouth is, show yourself.

I find this sort of spiritual "non-duality" nonsense along the lines of the new age mind fucking I mentioned in the other comment. It basically says, "don't call people out on their bad behavior, because you're caught up in dualism." Crap. Excuses, that's what I say.

I do have one serious question for you - were you "guided" to "remove" your Reiki symbols after your first hug from Amma? Since that would kind of indicate to me that you were, indeed, suckered in a bit by a dark force.

Reiki is so gentle, so benign, and so of the light there would never be any need to "remove" symbols from an aura or de-attune yourself. Reiki is not "duality" and I'm not sure where you got that idea from, unless it was another dark guru or spiritual teacher telling you lies to try to disempower you. It's also possible that if you were corded by someone with negative intentions, this is where your "guidance" came from to remove yourself from the protective, shielding nature of Reiki.

I will write more (in a separate blog post) here about how you can't remove Reiki symbols from an aura (since they were never there in the first place!) and how a de-attunement is only going to lower your vibration, not raise it.

Posts like yours very much concern me because I have to wonder if there aren't dark forces out there trying to shut down Reiki channels and in doing-so, take healers off their paths.

Your chakras are all shutdown and low, I just checked, also indicative of possible energy theft, not surprising considering how much energy you put into trying to defend the side of Amma here.

The more I think about what you wrote, the more disturbing I find it to be. Sorry. And your chipper words belie the state of your depleted energetic system.

"Your chakras are all shutdown and low, I just checked, also indicative of possible energy theft"


That's how you want to play it??

Argumentum ad Hominem + to quote you "new age mind fucking"

I guess you have a story you are itching to write. I'll get out of your way so you can write it unimpeded.


When you state that you've somehow transcended everything and write this stuff about needing to remove your Reiki energy (as a means of discrediting my opinion)...then that should be backed up by your energy.

(since you're apparently censoring my comments). No, growing out of Reiki happened years before I'd ever even heard of Amma, on my own, entirely unrelated

But I have continued to do a lot of healing work since then, and since I met Amma. Just don't use Reiki symbols.

And as you don't have my permission, you are not reading my chakras.

I don't need your permission to read yours or anyone else's chakras...they are there, in the ethers, as easy to see as if you were looking at someone's physical body.

You presumed, by the way, that I was specifically "censoring" your comments...I do have a right to that on my site, if I feel someone is simply being disruptive. I just had someone else come on here, get seriously crazy and post a bunch of wacko and insulting stuff (which I absolutely did censor, because it was nuts and started going off about how I must be Bronte Baxter, I must hate Jews and other insanity). They were also trying to claim Reiki was bad...this other person is apparently not you but it could have been. So yes, there is a need for moderation.

I have lots to do and taking time to slog through tons of comments is not the top of my priority list.

. . . would be even happier if you quoted me correctly. I did not say "now I've transcended duality," as you conveniently choose to paraphrase me. I said I realized, in my own meditation that "the intentions behind the symbols contain a lot of duality-based ideas that must be eventually transcended." Since you're wanting me to defend something I haven't said, I'm not going to chase down that straw man.

I get it you're feeling beleagured, but I have not been attacking you. I also have not posted ten times on your site. You apparently have many people who choose to post anonymously. But yes I have posted more than once - I'm the person who wrote that my experience with Amma had been positive, then I asked what sort of proof on her charities would be acceptable (and a different anonymous responder suggested seeing annual reports - which I agree would be a good idea. They should do that.) NONE of my posts are remotely hostile.

I followed a link from guruphiliac to here. It seemed an interesting discussion.

"NONE of my posts are remotely hostile."

You're the second person who has come on here and tried to dismiss Reiki as a means of pushing forward your pro-Amma agenda. Sorry, but that is somewhat hostile in my book, particularly due to the very inflammatory behaviors of some of the Amma disciples.

In your dismissal of Reiki as something for "beginners," you were clearly trying to insult and put down. Just because you try to do so with your "shakti" talk doesn't mean the passive aggressive intent doesn't shine through the clever words.

If you want to present your experience of Amma, fine, but you did not need to go and slam all Reiki practitioners (and obviously myself, who wrote the article) in doing so.

I am still particularly concerned over your story that somehow you needed some other "powerful" person to remove Reiki symbols from the aura - whether this is before or after Amma is immaterial, now that you've brought it up I will still question whether you're not giving your power away to bad gurus. And this (in general) I will discuss in my blog post on de-attunement.