Flip This House Hits Up Against the Law of Karma

  • Posted on: 3 June 2007
  • By: mokshalom

If you ever wonder why I get critical of the "get rich quick" self-help people, here's a really good example:

'Flip This House' star accused of fraud

On an episode of A&E's popular reality series "Flip This House," Atlanta businessman Sam Leccima sits in front of a run-down house and calls buying and selling real estate his passion.

Now authorities and legal filings claim that Leccima's true passion was a series of scams that included faking the home renovations shown on the cable TV show and claiming to have sold houses he never owned.

"This is, indeed, a con artist," said Sonya McGee, an Atlanta pharmaceutical representative who says Leccima took $4,000 from her in an investment scheme.


Looks like the Law of Karma, not the Law of Attraction, is now biting this guy in the butt.