Super Skinny is Not Better

  • Posted on: 31 July 2007
  • By: mokshalom

I am getting more and more concerned because I am seeing women I know - women in their 30s - with so little weight on their frames that their legs are as scrawny as a young teenager's. Too skinny as in Lara Flynn Boyle too skinny.

What's worse is that I hear other too-thin women around them going on about how "great" this looks. These women will often have entire conversations comparing women's butts, and apparently, the smaller the better. (Only, I have news for you...I get more compliments now on my bigger 30-something butt than my smaller 20-something butt of years past.)

When I was at my thinnest, in my 20s, I had a guy decide he did not want to date me because I was too thin and it scared him. (I was never anorexic, just had a high metabolism.) Men definitely like me better a little "filled out." If anything I would say they would rather a woman had slightly more padding than not enough.

It's really upsetting to see so many 30something and above women starving themselves and trying to regain a figure they might have had as a teen. When you hit your 30s, you really shouldn't be stick thin. It just starts to look sickly.

Alas, an article just came out discussing how it is a new "trend" for women 30 and above to start developing eating disorders. I sadly think I am seeing this right in front of my eyes.

Ladies...pleeeeease stop starving yourselves. It is not more attractive. Really, it isn't. You don't need to be a teenager in your 30s. It's really OK to be a grown woman. Really, it is.


For any women reading this and doubting, I can at least be one to attest that, there are limits to thinness. being healthy = good. Being skinny as in a toothpick = bad.

You can't have an ass if you're a toothpick, ladies! And don't ask your lady friends about your ass, ask a guy. The women could be just as clueless as you are. Guys like asses. Guys don't like when there is no discernable hips and curves. :-D