Past Life Regression

Have you lived before? Are you curious to find out? Past life regression through hypnosis is a fascinating journey through time!

What happens during a past life regression? You will be guided into a relaxing trance. From there, you will be transported to one or more previous lives. Each session is different and unique. It is said that everyone has numerous past lives so there are an infinite number of experiences to explore!

Some people who do not believe in past lives are still able to be successfully regressed to previous lifetimes. Some believe that these past lives are actually fabrications of your subconscious mind. Even if this is true, finding out what your subconscious mind wants to tell you, via the exploration of a "past" life, is still a fascinating experience.

Depending on the state of trance you achieve, you may simply remember the past life or you will experience a "revivification," meaning, you'll actually feel as if you are reliving the past life!

Exploring Past Lives can be Fun and Fascinating
You may want to try past life exploration just because you've always been curious about it! And indeed, getting a past life regression will be one of the most fascinating experiences you may ever have! If this is the only reason you get a past life regression done, I highly recommend it!

Past Life Regression for Healing
Past life regression can also be used as a healing tool. Sometimes experiencing a past life through hypnosis will help alleviate problems and issues in this lifetime. However, it is important to understand that many problems we have are actually based in this lifetime, which is why often a simple age regression can be more effective when dealing with a specific issue (such as weight loss). If you choose to try past life regression to solve a specific issue, don't be disappointed if the regression takes you back to your childhood in this life! We'll go where the issue is!

Ready to Give it a Try?
I offer past life regressions via telephone for anyone anywhere in the world. It is totally safe and effective to be hypnotized by phone. If the worst thing happens and the phone line gets disrupted, all you'll do is fall asleep OR come out of the trance immediately.