Soulmates, Spiritual Men, and Real Connection

  • Posted on: 17 December 2008
  • By: mokshalom

I went to an amazing kundalini yoga workshop over the weekend led by a wonderful teacher, Siri-Gian Khalsa. The topic was soulmates. I almost did not go because I did not want to put myself in "search" mode on the issue. I've done a lot of personal work on letting go the idea of finding the "perfect man." I have had soulmates come into my life, but that does not mean you are meant to be in a lifelong traditional marriage with them.

During the class we did an exercise where we were guided to connected to the soul of a partner. The woman I was sitting next to had an amazing, bright, beautiful soul I saw as a blueish white light that was instantly healing the moment I connected with it. It was so beautiful, I cried tears of joy.

Poor Paul McCartney

  • Posted on: 28 February 2008
  • By: mokshalom

Paul, I have always loved your music, but I have to say you are getting a bit of karma here in your divorce settlement with the apparently ruthless gold-digger Heather Mills. $50 million was not enough for her; now you may end up paying $100 million or more.

It's been rumored that Mills went into the marriage precisely for the "opportunities." That's hardly surprising. One only need to look at her greed in their divorce proceedings to see where her priorities lie. Geez, why does any one person need more than $50 million?

So Paul, what were you thinking when you married a woman 25 years younger than you? That she loved you for you? And did you really love her for her in the first place? Or did you love the fact that you were a 60-something man with a 30-something hottie?

"When Your Husband Leaves You for a Younger Woman"

  • Posted on: 18 January 2008
  • By: mokshalom

I regularly check my website logs to see how people are finding my site. They come here on the strangest search terms (the most popular, lately, being "Jennifer Love Hewitt's butt" after I wrote a commentary about the media frenzy over it). I'm also quite curious when people are Googling my name. Who are they? Are they looking for me or for the only other Stephanie Brail in existence? (I think she's maybe 10 years younger than I am, living somewhere in the Midwest.) Is it an ex-boyfriend? A former friend? How come they rarely send me a note?

Relying on a Man to Make You Happy is a Sure-Fire Recipe for Unhappiness

  • Posted on: 13 December 2007
  • By: mokshalom

Quite accidentally, I ran across the blog of one Debbie Maken today. Despite Debbie's conservative Christian beliefs that women should be demure and chaste, she is tremendously opinionated, and has published an entire book chastising Christians that they need to get married.

I absolutely think that marriage to the right person is probably one of the best things that can happen to a person. I would love nothing more than to find the right guy myself. Yet...and here's the big but...

Even if you do find the right person, you cannot rely on that person for your happiness.

I took a bit of time to poke around Debbie's blog and read the intro to her book. Debbie appears to be still somewhat young (in her mid-30s from my guesstimate) and has only been married since 2002. Yet, after only five years of marriage she claims to be an expert on marriage and how to get a husband.