Past Life Regression

Have you lived before? Are you curious to find out? Past life regression through hypnosis is a fascinating journey through time!

What happens during a past life regression? You will be guided into a relaxing trance. From there, you will be transported to one or more previous lives. Each session is different and unique. It is said that everyone has numerous past lives so there are an infinite number of experiences to explore!


Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for well-being. It can reduce stress, enhance skills and abilities, and clear out emotional blocks and baggage.

Hypnosis is available from the comfort of your own home via the telephone.

Programs available for:

* Stopping Smoking
* Weight Loss
* Stress Relief
* Past Life Regression
* Enhancing Intuition
* General Well-Being
* And more!

After each hypnosis session you should feel amazingly relaxed and refreshed! It's like taking a mental trip to the spa!

"But I Can't Be Hypnotized"