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Detoxify the Body E-Book

"Detoxify The Body - How To Detox The Quick And Easy Way At Home" provides helpful information on how to physically detox to help improve your health and well-being. As Reiki practitioners, we often perform "energetic" detox. This e-book, written by an anonymous author, offers information on a variety of different types of physical detoxification. It also includes several recipes for juice fasting and cleansing, as well as formulas for aromatherapy detox.

You will receive one 25-page e-book in PDF format.

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Aromatherapy Basics E-Book

Learn the basics of aromatherapy with this easy-to-understand e-book, "Aromatherapy for Cynics." (This e-book is not just for cynics, but for anyone who wants to learn about aromatherapy!)

Aromatherapy can provide relief for a variety of symptoms including asthma, chronic back pain, eczema, joint inflammation, influenza, depression, stress, and can even help if you catch cold too often.

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