The Rosary Release Process

by Stephanie Brail

The Catholic rosary is an extremely powerful form of prayer using a specific set of prayer beads. You do not have to be Catholic to pray the rosary or even Christian. The following "rosary release" process helps to release fears, worries, and anything else in your life that you do not want. Try this process daily and see how your life changes.

The rosary is designed with five sections of beads called "decades." These sets of beads are called "decades" because they consist of 10 beads each. The rosary also has a tail with additional beads used when beginning the prayer cycle.

In the traditional Catholic rosary, a "mystery" from the life of Jesus is meditated upon at each decade. There are four sets of mysteries, each prayed on different days of the week. In this rosary release process, you will focus on an issue you want released at each decade instead of the mystery.