Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's Vomit Performance at SXSW Shows Disconnection From Source

  • Posted on: 15 March 2014
  • By: stephanie

Lady Gaga sunk to a new low at her recent SXSW performance by bringing a so-called "vomit artist" on stage and having the young women puke green slop all over her. The disgusting performance brings to mind the green vomit spewed by the demon-possessed girl in The Exorcist, so it's no wonder that a lot of people feel Gaga's latest antics are further proof of her allegiance to Lucifer.

Lady Gaga's Latest Illuminati Video Preaching Sex and Narcissism

  • Posted on: 16 August 2013
  • By: mokshalom

Lady Gaga's latest music video "Applause" exemplifies the sex programming utilized by the Illuminati to dumb down and program the masses to focus on fame, sex, and partying versus self-betterment and spiritual growth. The video features raunchy drag queens and a slobbering mob cheering on exhibitionism (like a very unnecessary thong crotch shot) and cheap sexual thrills.