Xen Healing Training and Certification

Xen Healing is a very simple but powerful method of healing that uses intention and guided visualization for healing. It uses a 5-step process: protection, clearing, alignment, energizing, and manifesting.

No hands-on healing is performed in Xen Healing - it is unique and unlike Reiki or similar techniques. Xen Healing also does not require an attunement to work.

Because Xen Healing is completely different from Reiki, it is a good supplement to your Reiki skills. It is versatile and can be used for distance healing as well as one-on-one healing via telephone or face to face.

Xen Healing is taught in three levels:

Xen Healing Level 1 - Intention
In Level 1 you learn how to use Xen Healing for self-healing. The focus is on using your intention and crafting specific scripts that you can use to focus the intention.

Xen Healing Level 2 - Visualization
In Level 2 you learn how to use meditation and visualization to heal yourself and others. You learn how to use Xen Healing with clients. At this level, you become a "Xen Healing Practitioner."

Xen Healing Level 3 - Intuition
In this level, you learn how to use your intuition to find out what is going on and how to better perform healing. Learn how to read auras and scan the body for energetic blockages. At this level, you become an "Advanced Xen Healing Practitioner."

XEN HEALING ALL LEVELS PACKAGE - $125 for all three levels