Yoga & Meditation

By and large, when clients tell me they are feeling anxious and stressed out, and I ask them if they have an exercise routine, the answer is typically "no."

Regular exercise is vital to physical and emotional health. It not only keeps the body tuned up, it helps clear away stress and negative emotions. Exercise such as yoga goes one step further and cleanses the energetic pathways of the body, bringing fresh, vital chi or "prana" to the organs. Yoga has been proven to help alleviate depression and anxiety.

This is why I typically recommend that my clients begin an exercise program if they don't already have one. As a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, I offer private yoga classes in Los Angeles and for those outside the local area, yoga coaching by telephone.

I also recommend a regular routine of meditation to help alleviate stress. A few minutes of meditation daily can make a tremendous difference in your outlook and well-being.

Yoga Coaching
If you aren't local to me, but need help getting a home yoga program started, I can help. With a telephone consultation, we will discuss your physical needs and limitations and preferred workout style. My support can be limited to answering questions and providing accountability for your yoga practice, or I can help design a home practice for you.

Yoga Reiki
Yoga Reiki is a healing modality that incorporates yoga postures with Reiki applied to various areas during adjustments. This has to be done in person in the form of a private gentle yoga class.

Meditation Training and Support
A lot of clients come to me with questions on how to meditate. I offer training in various types of meditation and can provide some yogic meditation techniques to help you get your meditation routine starteed.

Please contact me for more information.